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People joining new political parties because of sweet talk will be disappointed soon


Governing United Party for National Development (UPND) youth leader David Chikwanda has warned that people joining new political parties because of sweet talk will be disappointed soon.

A cluster of politicians have joined the Socialist Party led by Dr. Fred M’membe this month.

Former Deputy Minister of Information in the MMD regime Forrie Tembo, former PF Lusaka Province Chairman Paul Moonga, former PF’s Chingola Mayor McDonald Mulongoti and former PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kelvin Kaunda have all joined the Socialist Party.

But Mr. Chikwanda, the UPND Deputy National Youth Information and Publicity Secretary, said he has seen the excitement of people joining new political parties in the recent period.

“I see the excitement of people joining new political parties and just wish them well. My advice to everyone joining a political party because of sweet talk, it will end in tears,” Mr. Chikwanda said.

David Chikwanda
David Chikwanda

Meanwhile, Mr. Chikwanda has said President Hakainde Hichilema is a good leader who will facilitate positive development in the country.

He observed that many people have negative perceptions against President Hichilema.

Mr. Chikwanda said even after becoming President Mr. Hichilema still picks phone calls from his old line and responds to whatsapp messages.

“Just after the PF formed government in 2011 I realised the need to find an alternative political party because the major goal was to remove MMD but deep down I knew Sata was growing old. The desire to look for fresh leadership started just after the inauguration of Sata as President, When everyone was still celebrating I was done with PF.I personally called Hakainde Hichilema just after the inauguration of President Sata. We had a 30 minute phone conversation and his words were “The problem is that most of you young people especially on the Copperbelt, you are believing the lies in the Post Newspaper. I am a Zambian just like you so why can’t we work together,” he asked. I shared my publicity strategies with him and when the line cut he called me back so I could finish my point. By this time HH was only known as a millionaire, I was honoured to be called back by the country’s richest man back then. We had a good discussion but I was afraid to join UPND because I didn’t know what people would think or say about me. I never disclosed to anyone that I spoke to HH as everyone was still excited about donchi Kubeba,” Mr. Chikwanda recalled.

“Two days later I received a call from a promising politician.”This is Elias Chipimo the President of NAREP” at this point I stopped everything I was doing and quickly reduced the volume on a Pentium 4 computer. Mr Chipimo shared with me his vision and later sent me the Manifesto. It was a mouth watering manifesto. Every person I asked told me “Chipimo is the next big thing” I thought to myself this is where I belong and I joined NAREP after meeting Mr Chipimo in Lusaka. That was the beginning of NAREP on the Copperbelt.Anyway the rest is history, our excitement ended in tears, I left NAREP and later the President also left,” he continued.

“I called HH again in 2013 and asked him if there was room in UPND. He asked me “But why did you go to NAREP in the first place? What was NAREP doing that you didn’t see in UPND? I tried to hesitate but HH said “Take no offense we just want to improve our party; we want to know why people are joining new political parties leaving UPND?” We had an honest discussion and I highlighted everything I thought needed to be addressed. After our discussion the President promised to get back to me about my request to join the Party. I waited for two weeks and I thought HH was just like any other politician but I was wrong. The President of UPND called me back and said “Ba Chikwanda I am leaving the country but I have asked the Vice President to handle your issue so don’t worry” and for sure two days later Dr. Canisius Banda called and an official defection ceremony was arranged and I officially joined UPND.”

He added:”It was not the best decision in the eyes of my friends and some family members. Some people stopped talking to me but the love I received from the UPND family was overwhelming. Samuel Ngwira and Gilbert Liswaniso always encouraged me to be strong and recommended by name as Lusaka district Youth Media Chairperson. Cutting the long story short, UPND is now the ruling party and Hakainde Hichilema is the President of Zambia.”

“Some people have a totally different perception about Hakainde Hichilema but he is truly a down to earth person. President HH still picks phone calls from his old line despite being President and still responds to whatsapp messages. Yes HH is not perfect but I have no doubt he will change this country positively despite the challenges we may face today. Long live President HH,” Mr. Chikwanda concluded.


  1. Owe … MMD was a new party, Upnd was a new party and so was PF. Oh even mighty Unip was a new party. I can even include churches…they were at one time new.
    As for sweet talk… Chikwanda must not think we’re dull…. sweet talk now turned sour was the bridge used by his party.

  2. The UPND will insult you for joining them, they’ll also insult you if you don’t join them so what do they really want? Visit their forums and see how they insult and demean others

  3. We are not joining them because of sweet talk. We are joining them because we are fed up with UPND and, PF

  4. Shut up. People are free to join whichever party they want. Is it our fault people are leaving upnd and joining opposition. Fuseke

  5. Is Socialist Party a party or its a copycat Socialism movement? There is a difference between the two and what the UPND member is saying here is that, there is no socialism movement in this day and age that will win an election . Thats what our member is putting across. Cos there is no future in socialism , it worked there in the 40s and maybe 70s and that was about it. Even china itself the last standing socialist empire , has turned capitalistic(The sending of its people to carry out its own funded projects outside china-this is capitalistic cos the money goes back to china) as opposed to socialist which preaches & discourages citizens from engaging in business related activities as they are evil.

  6. So yes, it is true-there is no future in SP. And besides that Fred Membe is Gay(dirty sponsorship money). so yes , soon or later they start to crumble. Besides also, those defections are staged-Fre mmembe is the one calling these people at night , convincing them to join him,then during the day when they join, he takes pictures and post on all sites & media. Its all cosmetic to convince Zambians that his party is growing but in actual fact, what is growing is only his head.

  7. If you ask Hichilema what he believes in ,he will tell “I belive in nothing political”. Capitalism , Socialism, Aristocracy , or what ever it is, But what he ll tell you he dearly believes in, is to serve the Zambian people, to lift them out of poverty. As you can see the man is 300yrs ahead of dynasours like mmembe who still believe in plain colonial systems. But HH has established his own system and only unique to him. Other African they ll try to copy him but they ll not make it cos the man is not political,he has diferent believes with regards to government-he is more than that.

  8. It’s jobs stupid, as they say in America. UPND has to start creating jobs and it also has to change those Kaunda era clauses in the constitution that hamper democracy; right now Kambwili is in jail.

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