Thursday, February 22, 2024

Police recruitment exercise to commence soon


Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba has assured Zambia officers on the Copperbelt will next week receive new fleet of vehicles to easy operation challenges.

And Mr. Kajoba has disclosed that the much anticipated recruitment exercise will commence soon to beef up security in the country.

Mr. Kajoba says the vehicles will mitigate the operational challenges his officers have been facing in the execution of their duty.

The Inspector General said this today when he called on Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Kasongo that his officers have serious mobility challenges in the execution of duties due to lack of motor vehicles.

A lot of officers have been acting in various positions without confirmation and that others have saved as constables for over 20 years without promotion.

Mr. Kajoba has, however, expressed happiness the newly approved expanded establishment for the Zambia police will address such challenges.

The establishment will allow officers especially those that have been acting to be positioned in their right portfolios.

Mr. Kajoba said this will boost morale in the officers as the service works hard to rebuild what he termed as, “seemingly low image of the Zambia police” by instilling confidence in the members of the public.

“I wish to inform you that even as we speak, the government is mobilising a number of vehicles and starting next week we will be receiving a fleet of new vehicles and Copperbelt will benefit,” he said.

And Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Kasongo said the vehicles will go a long way in enhancing the operations of the police in the province.

Mr. Kasongo said lack of transport has negatively affected operations of the police who he added are working hard to provide law and order.

“The issue of transport in the police is of great concern. We have stations like Masala where a vehicle from traffic section can’t go beyond 60 kilometers per hour,” Mr. Kasongo said.

He expressed happiness that the new dawn government is working tirelessly to address the challenges men and women in uniform have been facing.


  1. Go and check the list of namea for those who will be recruited, all you will find is hachoka, hangandule, hamut0nga, hantomo and the like

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  2. Police recruitment is as corrupt as the police traffic checks on the road. Both should be stopped until Judgement day. Let’s not add more filth to the rubbish dump

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