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PF party presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile urges citizens to constantly forgive leaders


Patriotic Front (PF) party presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile has urged citizens to constantly forgive leaders for the mistakes they make when governing the nation.

Dr. Mundubile, the leader of the opposition in Parliament, said leaders sometimes step on people’s toes in the course of their duty.

The Mpolokoso Member of Parliament was speaking during the celebration of the Patron Saint at Our Lady of Perpetual Catholic Church in Mindolo, Kitwe.

Dr. Mundubile urged Church members to constantly pray for political leaders to ensure that there is true unity in the country.

He said without prayers the leader’s bid to unite the country will be all in vain.

“I want to say that we derive a lot of comfort when we come to Church like we have done today. We get some direction and we also find peace and healing. Like I stated before, there is a need for you to continue praying for us to ensure that we find true unity in our country even in diversity, we find peace. Without your prayers our bid to unite this country will be all in vain. Without your prayers we will find peace within ourselves and within our political divide. It is therefore important that as we come to Church we come as one. We remain in our accord and pray to our God our Lord,” Dr. Mundubile said.

Dr. Mundubile further apologised for the mistakes the PF made when in Government.

“I further wish to state that as Christians let us all embrace the spirit of forgiveness. We have to forgive one another. I know that for us as politicians we are my friend Alexander Chiteme and many other leaders here. While we led the country it is possible that during our reign we made mistakes. We may have stepped on people’s toes. Brothers and sisters I want to take this opportunity to ask you to find it within your heart and forgive those of us that may have wronged you. The time is now, and the time is right that if at all there was an omission, there was a mistake that was made then please find within your heart to forgive us. At the same time find it within your heart to continue to forgive leaders both in the past, in the present and for those that may make mistakes in the near future. I thought it was timely to say to the Church,” Dr. Mundubile said.

Dr. Mundubile also saluted the growth of the Church in the 62 years it has existed.

“The Parish Priest (Fr. James Dokowe), please allow me to address my short address on this occasion. On this important occasion I am gladly and justly happy to join Parishioners of Our Lady of Perpetual Catholic Church in celebrating the Patron Saint Mother Day. Really it is common knowledge that over 62 years you have worked as a team together with other stakeholders within and outside government in making the Parish self sustaining and spiritually sound. I paid a lot of attention as you catalogued the many events and activities that have happened to this Church with the assistance of my brother (Chiteme) and many other stakeholders. Your achievements my brothers and sisters in Christ are a living example of your true faith in what believing and love that you have for the Church. I would like to remind you that the Patron Saint celebration will be meaningful if we can imitate our Mother Mary in her loyalty and humbleness,” Dr. Mundubile said.


  1. PF leaders are so guilty of their actions but they cannot just admit and confess their wrongdoings
    While urging the citizens to forgive leaders he must also urge leaders to return what they have stolen and urge them to desist from corruption. What is killing this country is the same leaders who want to hide in the name of religion.

  2. How can you constantly forgive a thief. He should be able to change the first time he asks for forgiveness. This is like saying he will never change so you have to just accept that he continues stealing and keep on forgiving him.

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