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Government mourns Ngimbu


Minister of Defense Ambrose Lufuma has praised the   late former Cabinet Minister Christabel Ngimbu for contributing diligently to the national development when she served as Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

Mr.Lufuma says   during her tour of duty as Minister and Member of Parliament for Zambezi West, Ms Ngimbu demonstrated a resilience and giving character which most of the people of Zambezi knew her for.

Mr Lifuma was speaking during Ms Ngimbu’s   funeral service held at the New Apostolic Church- Central Congregation in Lusaka today.

 Mr.Lufuma told mourners that the late Ngimbu worked tirelessly and diligently to ensure issuance of title ditties was transparent to the people of Zambia.

 ‘’We will continue to honor her great contribution to the nation and the role she played in  the achievement of sustainable development in the country, “he said.

Late Ms Ngimbu was known for caring, kind and giving heart to most of the people which many of us need to learn from her,’’ said Mr.Lufuma.

In a special tribute delivered by her daughter, Ngambo Mukuyu, she described her mother as a hero and pillar of the family who cared for her family without segregation.

‘’Mama nya-likoji’ (caring and giving person) you were such a wonderful woman who taught me to be a strong woman and know that the secret to life is being honest to yourself, you will be greatly missed,’’ she said.

Late Christabel Ngimbu was born on July 1, 1966 at Chilubu Mission Hospital in Zambezi North-Western Province.

She was elected as Zambezi West Member of Parliament in 2014 and appointed as Minister of Lands and natural Resources in 2015 to 2016 under the Patriotic Front (PF) administration.

Late Ngimbu died on 27th June, 2022 at Mainasoko Military Hospital in Lusaka after an illness.

She is survived by five children and three grandchildren, her body has been flown to Zambezi in North-Western Province where she will be put to rest.


  1. I am very emotional about this. This woman was very kind and had a big heart. I cried this morning. Upnd ministers can learn alot by emulating this woman. Problem upnd is too evil

  2. This coacroch of a she goat should have been fed to the dogs. She thought witchcraft would protect her

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