Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mazabuka Mayor Vincent Lilanda accused of intimidating the media in his district


The Zambia Institute Of Independent Media Alliance (ZIIMA) has appealed to Mazabuka mayor Vincent Lilanda to desist from intimidating the media in the district.

ZIIMA president Jajah Coulibaly said that his organization is in receipt of information that clearly shows how the Mazabuka mayor has continued to intimidate the media by threatening radio stations with closure for airing stories that do not massage his political interests.

Mr. Coulibaly said that information made available to ZIIMA suggests that Mr. Lilanda invited the media to his office to dispute allegations levelled against him by a former councilor that he and other persons engaged in corrupt activities where the mayor further challenged anyone with evidence to bring it forward.

He further explainedd that following the media address, the same former councilor paid for a phone-in radio program on south power FM where he presented evidence challenging the mayor with documents and other materials after which the mayor called and issued threats such as closure and blacklisting of the radio station from government adverts.

Mr. Coulibaly laments that this is not the first time a senior civic leader in the UPND has issued threats against the media, a situation that goes against the party and republican president Hakainde Hichilema who has made it clear that journalists and media houses must be left to operate freely.

But when reached for a comment by by a local radio station QFM, the mayor said he is being falsely accused, adding that the issue is politically motivated.

Mr. Lilanda said that he recently met with the station manager of the said radio station and are enjoying cordial relations.


  1. They are all the same these tyrants name them, Vincent Lilanda, Dora Siliya, Chishimba Kambwili Amos Malupenga, Dickson Jere, Amos Chanda when we have given them a little power they have turned into tinpot dictators that Idi Amin would have been very proud of. Im sure Lilanda is about to usher in more of his kind from the UPND

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