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Pallbearers claim they have failed to take coffin containing corpse to grave, after several attempts


The coffin containing the corpse of 54 year old Maggie Haabwele of Mukankamano area of Chief Chikupili Chiefdom in Luano has once again allegedly refused to be buried.

Since July 5, 2022 pallbearers have failed to take the coffin to the grave after several attempts, claiming that the deceased has refused to be buried and instead is leading them to houses of her suspected killers, some of whom are currently in police custody as a place of safety.

Eye witnesses also claimed that all the vehicles that had been brought to ferry the corpse to the burial site developed mysterious mechanical problems one after another, but took off as soon as the coffin was offloaded from them.

Luano District Commissioner, Kells Meleki who visited one of the alleged killer’s houses where the coffin was said to be laying after forcefully going through the door, urged residents of the area to remain calm.

“I urge all of you to remain calm as we mourn our mother,” he said.

Mr Meleki later called police to the scene to ensure peace and order among the irate mourners.

The Luano DC has further called for meetings with Chief Chikupili of the Swaka speaking people of Luano, Luano Council Chairperson, Mboroma Police Officers and the family of the deceased to decide the way forward.


  1. Why no one documents all this on smartphone…how did the deceased die? These reporters of today are a disgrace to the professionthe article has zero introductory paragragh.

  2. Pure rubbish………makaka………

    You see , dwelling on witchcraft is detrimental to development, as people waiste time believing in rubbish………..

    GRZ needs to educate all chiefs about the rubbish that is witchcraft belief ……

  3. The amazing thing is, there’s still a cross section of Zambians that still believe in these things. The government needs to ban this practice. Only village people claim the coffin is resisting burial. Send in woke people from the city, and promise to give them a few bucks if they can bury the coffin. I guarantee you that the coffin will be buried within 30 minutes. Come on guys, don’t be so stuck in the 18th Century mentality. Catch up with the modern times.

  4. Where is the video. In this time and age we need see. 🙂 . I wonder why there is always no video for such stories.

  5. We believe in witchcraft.I doubt
    If this story is real.let police confirm this.police spokesman person can verify this.

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