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Hon. Mwiimbu should retract the warning on the planned protest during the AU summit


By Venus N Msyani

It would be better if Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu retracted the warning on the planned protest during the AU summit in Lusaka.

President Hakainde Hichilema promised that by shouting Bally youth will be getting employment. For the past ten months youth have been shouting Bally. Very few have been employed.

The rest are being told to be patient. While waiting some have resorted into self-employment through mobile money business. Instead of appreciating, the government seem to be against the idea. Mobile money business booths are being removed from the city in the name of keep Lusaka clean for the upcoming AU summit.

It has angered affected mobile money operators and their sympathizers. They are planning a peaceful protest during the African Union (AU) summit, which has just commenced in Lusaka. To pass message to visitors who are in the country for the summit that Zambian government has no heart for its people.

Few days ago, Jack Mwiimbu warned that anyone who will be found protesting will be delt with. According to Mr. Mwiimbu, the government is aware of some unscrupulous individuals and their supporters that want to take advantage of the AU conference to carry out illegalities.

Peaceful protest is welcome in every democracy and that is what people are planning to do. Mr. Mwiimbu should be warning of violence.

If peaceful protests were illegal, they would not be allowed near the United Nations Headquarters. When heads of state and government gather at the United Nation in New York for the General Assembly, the UN surrounding is greeted with various peaceful protests.

It should not be a problem for the AU summit in Lusaka to be greeted the same. The United Party for National Development (UPND) administration is missing a point.

A year ago, Zambians were not allowed to protest. They conducted protests in the bush. Because of that, it shouldn’t be hard for Mwiimbu and his team to realize that protest will work in favor of UPND.

New dawn administration is claiming to have restored freedom of expression, which most of us believe is not true. Allowing protest during events such as AU summit, would prove that indeed freedom of expression has been restored in the country.

It would be better if Hon. Jack Mwiimbu retracted the warning on the planned protest.


  1. African politicians are all the same. A few minutes ago I heard the run away Father who has joined socialist party praising the owner of the party who cheated Zambians out of millions of Kwacha by not paying taxes when he was running a Political newspaper called the Post and the man is talking of socialism being equal distribution of wealth, how then, when you can not pay your taxes will wealth be created, lets be real.

  2. When a lawyer of so much experience begins sounding like Kampyongo. Threats through and through.
    Zambia my country. I like the response from Laura Miti who says people should be allowed to protest whenever and for whatever reason, even protesting that Tuesday should be renamed as Twosday.

    • True. Why should people protest in front of the visitors and yet such issues can be resolved when we are own our own. Even in our homes, you always advise children to wait until visitors leave before children complain about an issue to their father. Protesters should be arrested immediately. They are not considerate. If there is an issue let them engage the president. I don’t think the president will refuse to meet and listen to them. Please fellow country men meet the President first before you resort to embarrassing him that way.

    ‘No Andrew (Sardanis), these laws will serve us well when we take over government. If they were good for the Colonialists, they will be good for us as well.’ Kenneth Kaunda.
    Do not expect the laws former oppressors used to be repealed by new oppressors.

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