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The incarceration of Hon Mumbi Phiri is Politically motivated-Davies Mwila


Former PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has bemoaned the prolonged incarceration of his former Deputy Mumbi Phiri.

Speaking when he visited her today in prison, Hon Mwila said the incarceration of Hon Phiri is politically motivated hence the delay to take her to court, adding that that the detention is illegal and warned that the UPND should know that their days are numbered.

The former PF SG said as opposed to “fixing political opponents,” the New Dawn Administration should focus on fixing the cost of living that has been skyrocketing since its inception into power.

Hon Mwila assured Hon Phiri that she will be vindicated and has since demanded for the release of Hon Phiri or commencement of court proceedings. It has now been more than five months since Hon Phiri was detained on 18th February this year.

She was arrested over the murder of a UPND cadre Lawrence Banda who was allegedly shot dead in 2019 during the Kaoma Council Chairman by-election.

Yesterday, Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe dispelled assertions that murder-charged Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri’s continued detention is irregular.

Mr Haimbe said that contrary to the insinuations, Ms Phiri, like any other person charged with murder, a non-bailable offence, will be taken to court for trial at a scheduled session before a judge.

The minister, who is a lawyer and state counsel, told journalists that the politician is facing a capital offence and, like many others in her situation, is awaiting an appearance before the High Court.

“There is a process that is called ‘cause list’ based on a first in, first out [basis] for all persons facing non-bailable offences, so she will come before an appropriate session of the High Court when that time comes for the case to be heard,” Mr Haimbe said.

February this year, Ms Phiri and Shebby Chilekwa, who was former president Edgar Lungu’s barber, were arrested and charged with the murder of Lawrence Banda in Kaoma in 2019


  1. He just had to do an advert on the billboard! He couldn’t just visit without advertising? So what’s the motive.

  2. Typical. A PF bozo criticizing the UPND government. While they were responsible for I don’t know how many politically motivated arrests and incarcerations. I haven’t forgotten the FIFTEEN times that Edgar China Lungu the current president put in jail for totally ridiculous reasons. But I guess Davies Mwila has memory lapses for those occasions…….

  3. You just had to criticise him. He doesn’t work for LT for you to accuse him of advertising his moves and this story isn’t a paid for advert but one written by LT.

  4. Look at them, anyway former SG Mwila is very good mates with Mumbi Phiri these guys were very close friends Lazy Lungu is nobody when it comes to these two’s friendship and she is no longer honourable she is facing murder charges. Let’s be serious as a nation also think about the family that lost a loved one due to this alleged crime that was commited. The courts need to speed up this trial ..if the state has no evidence then just release her…the more you wait the more PF thugs will bribe all witnesses till everyone disappears.

  5. When Bally was arrested was it poliitically
    Motivated?Mwaliteta and the rest?
    Mr Mwila don’t forget your days in power.

  6. Tu pf… so blind to their many atrocities meted out against the good natured people of Zambia. A boomerang has swung back at you cry cry babies.

  7. Davis Mwila it’s not political, you knew your crimes when you told cabinet ministers and PF members of parliament that they will go to prison if they don’t work hard to win the 2021 general elections.
    When you spoke during the Luapula Province party mobilisation launch which was broadcast on Prime TV, you said Luapula Province should save ministers and members of parliament from going to prison.
    “Here in Luapula, we have a lot of support. We have 100 per cent support, but you bring five constituencies with 90,000 votes. Our friends (UPND) one constituency is 90,000 even if it’s in the village. Why are you not voting? That is why I am telling you that if you play, you will cry,” Mwila said.

  8. This man is very dull, completely empty, he needs a brain transplant, he suffers from selective amnesia, has he forgotten how his criminal and Gangster Pf brutalised Zambians. Is it the UPND Government that sent her to commit murder and then use her politically, nonsense, that foul mouthed Mumbi Phiri should have been arrested when the crime was committed but no she was protected by lazy Lungu. If the corrupt theiving and violent Lungu had arrested her at that time was this buffoon going to say the case was politically motivated. How did Zambia end up with empty tins like this.

  9. Why is Mumbi Phiri case not politically motivated whilst HH blocking presidential motorcade was politically motivated? If UPND is a party Zambians should trust to bring order in the country then they shouldn’t be copying the wrongs PF did, otherwise this cycle will not end. When. UPND leaves power it will be the same.

  10. Davis Mwila should be the last person to talk about politically motivated . Davis Mwaila should not forget when PF stupid party was in power, what did they do arrest innocent people while they brutalized our Zambian people. Davis Mwila you have just shown us the place, I think she is in the right place called the correction center. That woman needs to be corrected or helped.

  11. Bakatukaka keep quiet, you should be counting your blessings you still a free bird otherwise you belong behind bars not infront.

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