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Buying, selling and trafficking dogs for meat is illegal in Zambia


Lusaka City Council Deputy Mayor Ketty Nanyangwe has said that the buying, selling and trafficking dogs for meat is illegal in Zambia.

Ms Nanyangwe said that the Local Authority is deeply concerned with the deliberate overbreeding of animals for the purpose of trafficking them and other various illegal activities that feed into the horrific trade.

She said that the dog meat trade is contributing to many forms of criminality that are completely unacceptable.

Ms Nanyangwe was speaking during the candlelight vigil in Lusaka last night organised by the Cactus Foundation for the surviving 19 out of 69 Mkushi dogs.

She said the local Authority is in support of the advocacy work being done by the Cactus Foundation and all the supporting animals’ welfare organisations.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Animal Welfare Society Anti Cruelty Officer Michelle Burrato said a truck carrying 69 dogs was last Friday intercepted from Luapula province enroute to Kasumbalesa to be sold on the dogs market.

She has called on all concerned members of the public to continue signing and share the online petition to make the voices clear over the terrible tragedy.

And UPND National Management Committee Member Kostandinos Morianos said dogs have always been considered to be man’s best friend and the case in Mkushi is unfortunate.


    • The constitution doesn’t say anything about dogs, cats, elephants, seals, spiders, snakes, squirrels, ants, ostriches and whatever animal you will think of.
      What are you trying to ask?

    • I’m trying to find out when eating a dog can be classified as an offense. Only then can I contribute to the discussion.

    • Ah, right. There is no law about what animals can be eaten. According to my knowledge, there are only restrictions for killing wild animals.
      If you have chicken at home and decide to kill and eat, you are allowed. I would say the same would apply for a dog.
      We just attach emotional connection to dogs and consider eating them as taboo.
      The closest law we have is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act Chapter 245 of the laws of Zambia, have a look at it. Says nothing about what can be eaten or not though.

    • Deja Vu – Even if the constitution clearly stated it was illegal I doubt you would comply given that you have a calivier approach to rules…I am sure you have sold all your dogs.

    • Tarino Orange lam sure you don’t even know the meaning of cavalier… just want to sound bombastic. Coming to my query… I am from the class of the Whys, Where, How, When and so on… I don’t just jump on the bandwagon. I want to know why someone should stop another person from eating a given animal. I know very well why wild animals are declared government trophy. But no need to waste my time with Mr Cavalier because Chiza Chirwa has logically explained the logic

  1. “Deeply concerned” – but as usual NO action. And with Zambia a typical African country with only dog haters there’s little hope for man’s best friend.

  2. We never had such issues under pf. This is a sign that people are suffering and very desperate under upnd. How do you eat dogs. This is that Zambian watchdog type of behaviour.

  3. KZ …it’s you guys tu pf who were trying by all means to chambianise Zambia now see what’s happening. Even snakes were eaten under your watch.

  4. This is what happens when you leave you back door wide open to the Chinks…last 10 years was a disaster I mean you try and introduce nshima in China and see where it will get you.Our dogs are no longer safe outside our homes now…please make it illegal to trade in dog meat that is what you should be lobbying for.

  5. Where is this online link we have to sign…are these authors of today serious about their profession.

  6. Just because we dont eat dogs doesnt mean we should tell others not to eat them. What if the Indians tell you not to eat beef?

  7. This is an issue of humam respect for another animal species, why would anyone want to policitize it. Would you not experience a degree of horror if the victims were humans. Any person with a modicum of sensitivity should be appalled at the unnecessary suffering of another species.

  8. Deja Vu: the constitution is largely irrelevant to the criminal law. Save for exceptions to the right to life and a few other areas it leaves criminal, and other, law to Parliament. The constitution is not concerned with prescribing the law but with who will make it, who will interpret it and who will enforce it; and how they will be chosen and controlled. This allows us to change the law as we change as a people.
    There is no prohibition on eating any particular animal, except for humans of course, but there are laws as to slaughter, movement and sale of animal parts for food. And there are regulatory requirements to be met when doing the same.

  9. @ Douglas….eating man’s best friend is disgusting even to just think about it. Dogs should guard us from thieves but now it looks like they also need to be guarded. Who’s going to watch one’s back?

    • Dogs are frinds. Thats why some end up having sex with dogs because you consider them friends. Dogs are animals, just like cows and chikens. There is bnothing wrong with eating dog meat.

  10. #13 Thanks I appreciate your engagement. I wanted exactly this type of discussion. There are times when certain students will make it difficult for other students to understand a subject by making the impression to the lecturer that all of them understand the subject at hand.

  11. Dogs are not friends. Thats why some end up having sex with dogs because you consider them friends. Dogs are animals, just like cows and chikens. There is bnothing wrong with eating dog meat.

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