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178 Girls defiled in the first and second quarter of 2022 in Chipata


About 178 young girls have been defiled in the first and second quarter of 2022, in Chipata district, eastern province.

92 girls were defiled in the first quarter whilst 86 were defiled in the second quarter thereby, showing a decrease of six cases.

Zambia Police Eastern Province Community Services Coordinator, Emmanuel Chabamba says three convictions in court were captured by his office while 32 cases are still pending.

And speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata yesterday, Superintendent Chabamba said his office also recorded two defilement cases of imbeciles under the same period.

Mr Chabamba added that under the same period, 10 rape cases and one conviction were recorded.

“A total of four unnatural offences involving one female and three boys were also captured by my office. We also recorded five cases of indecent assault on females while four were on young girls, “he said.

Mr Chabamba said under the first quarter of this year, 92 defilement cases were recorded with five convictions and 28 cases still pending.

He said his office recorded 17 rape cases with one defilement case and 12 indecent assault cases of which seven were on seven young girls,two cases on young boys and three on grown females.

Mr Chabamba has urged people in the district not to settle cases involving defilements of young girls outside court or withdraw Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases.

He said cases of nature must be left to the law enforcers so that justice may prevail so that offenders can be punished.


  1. I’m surprised KZ had not commented yet on this article. What’s your take on this cancer, for lack of a better term

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