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ACC summons dismissed Ministry of Health Permanent Dr. George Magwende


The Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned Dr. George Magwende, former Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration to appear before it on Tuesday 9th August 2022 for questioning.

The Commission has been carrying out investigations on allegations of corruption against him.

Dr. Magwende is expected to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission on the said date at 9:00 hours.

Dr. Magwende was relieved of his duties as Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration in the Ministry of Health by President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday.

This is according to a statement issued by Anti-Corruption Commission Spokesperson Queen Chibwe.

In a statement, ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe says the commission has been carrying out investigations on allegations of corruption against Dr. Magwende and has since warned all serving public officers to stay clear of any corrupt practices in their daily dealings and conduct as there are no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

Below is the full statement


  1. The Anti Corruption Commission has proved to be a useless entity. People are happy to hear of “corruption cases ” because it gives them a chance to cast the blame on someone else for their poverty- telling themselves if he hadn’t stolen I would be rich!! When the truth is most of these cases are just due to Procedural discrepancies. Like the case of Mr. Chanda from Zampost who was accused of stealing when all he did was find a way for Zampost to make money by depositing money in an interest bearing account. The money is still there but ACC found him guilty!! I hope HH didn’t have a knee jerk reaction in firing the good Doctor. They do not teach Government procedural requirements at Medical School so I hope ACC will be fair. Intellectuals will think twice about taking government…

    • So your point is that we should not investigate corruption because people like yourself will accuse the ACC and the president of victimization? This simply does not make sense…People that have stolen should be investigated, fired, and/or jailed. That’s all…Besides, it’s people like you that not too long ago were complaining that the New Dawn government was only targeting people from the PF. This PS was appointed by HH himself, but you’re still complaining. What exactly are you guys looking for kanshi?

    • @Uwakwisano no that was not my point. My point was using a broad brush called corruption on people who most times erred on procedural issues. Looking at the way social media celebrates and finds guilty whoever the ACC interviews makes one think these stories offer people a scapegoat to blame for their poverty. Being interviewed and charged and being found guilty are separate events.My example of Mr.Chanda showed that even when found guilty-no theft was committed but rather bureaucratic procedure was not followed. Perhaps we should let the police prosecute crimes and not people bent on finding ways to justify their existence.

    • Dr.ABC – Really laughable…so you think illegally moving monies from one account to another that is not yours is smart…what happens to the interest generated and how is that accounted for by the company.
      “Intellectuals will think twice about taking government…”
      Only thieves like McPearson Chanda will think twice

  2. This isn’t news. You can arrest Magwende and not announce we won’t have any problem with it. What we’ll be happy to hear is when you successfully prosecute him, I mean prosecute and persecute.

  3. I agree these are just procedural discrepancies. I thought before one took a government position they have to undergo orientation at NIPA just to appreciate government policies and procedures. Have they stopped or it is just for certain roles? It shouldn’t be a bad idea to undergo such so that school boy mistakes are avoided.

    • Every one engaged in corruption is a target under this administration……

      Unlike the times when you used to keep mute when your clique was holding zambia at ransom…………

  4. Media statements like these damage one’s reputation. Being summoned by ACC does not equate to guilt. He is innocent till proven guilty. For all we know Masebo orchestrated his removal.

  5. Manje imwe ba ACC, this is one other reason why we think you are failures.
    Why wait for the President to dismiss the Dr? Learn to summon people when they are still serving in the government. This proudly announcing that he was fired shows your lack of courage and independence.

  6. Dr Magwende is a good and intelligent doctor; HH should have kept him on the hospital ward to attend to patients. The PS role for MOH should be reserved for people with experience in mathematical modelling, operational research or numerical competencies. The sheer size of MOH budget and human resources requires the PS to think outside the box ?. Again the red tape of procurement procedures can sometimes make good people like Dr Magwende look corrupt.

    • It doesnt matter whether he fond the cure for cancer if he mismanaged he needs to be investigated and fired…full stop

  7. I hope govt has a clear case of abuse by this man …the right way would have been to send him on forced leave then send in ACC.

  8. The firing of Dr. Magwende attracts moments of reflections by Zambians and institutions such as the ACC, DEC, Police and Judiciary. Consider the following lines: (a) Dr. Magwende was appointed as PS based on the background of replacing Dr. Malama -the latter who was fired for preventing a South Africa’s Gupta-like State capture by a non-medical Company wishing to supply ambulances and train medical staff. (b) Would it be feasible for Dr. Magwende to contemplate and engage himself on corruption activities? (c) Considering many failures by ACC to prosecute many souls for alleged corruption, which variant of manna from heaven will nourish the ACC to prosecute Dr. Magwende? (d) ACC has create false allegations on houses built from “PROCEEDS OF CRIME”. (e) Which BUDGET-LINES do the ACC, DEC…

  9. (e) Which BUDGET-LINES do the ACC, DEC and Police use to harass innocent souls, especially taking into account that Govt has No money to execute developmental programmes in Zambia? AMEN.


  11. Honestly speaking how on earth can the PS sign for such huge amounts of money with the president knowing! I don’t think so.. something is not right..!
    100 million dollars is no joke! And this new doom is busy telling people that they are committed to the fight against corruption! It’s scandal after scandal fertilizer etc.. Politicians can never be trusted

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