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Haimbe commissions police post


Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe has commissioned a newly constructed Police Post in Nyumba Yanga Township in Lubwa ward in Lusaka yesterday.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony Mr. Haimbe noted that the construction of the new police post building in the area marks the flagship of how Constituency Development Funds (CDF) should be utilized by the community.

Mr.Haimbe indicated that the construction of the facility commenced in 2017 under the CDF programme, which sets an example of how the increased CDF must be utilized by the people of Lubwa ward.

He stressed that the new facility will enhance the operations of the police officers in the area in addressing the increase in criminal offences which are mainly committed by young people popularly known as Junkies.

‘’I would like to assure the People of Lusaka central and the general citizenry that more of such works are yet to come. Very soon another police post will be completed in Chalala and North mead police post will soon be upgraded in a short space of time to keep the people safe,’’ said Mr. Haimbe.

A newly constructed Police Post in Nyumba Yanga Township
A newly constructed Police Post in Nyumba Yanga Township

And speaking at the commissioning, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba noted that the new police post in Lubwa ward will allow the police officers to work in a conducive environment as compared to what they have been using in past.

Mr. Kajoba indicated that the new structure is suitable for police operations and it will boost morale amongst officers who in turn will work extra hard to fight crime in the area.

He also appealed to the residents of the Yumba Yanga community to guard the infrastructure jealously and avoid setting it ablaze for just minor misunderstanding with the police or mere rumor mongering.

‘’If such behavior is condoned without police presence Nyumba Yanga will automatically become a safe haven for criminals running on rampage to terrorize the communities,’’ said Mr. Kajoba.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala urged the community to safeguard the facility and avoid any form of vandalism because the police post is meant to protect them.

‘’I am delighted with the handover of the new police post and hope that it will work toward curbing crime in the community,’’ she said.

Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala
Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala


  1. Construction started in 2017. Minister says this is how CDF should be utilized? Who was in government in 2017? How much was CDF in 2017? How does the minister say this was CDF funded?

    • If construction started in 2017 …then the project stalled as a project like that can only take a few months to complete….dont ask how much CDF was when it was not much…he says its CDF funded because it is. Any more daft questions???

    • Don’t be silly Terry, we both know this was a project that the previous government begun and constructed 96 percent of this police post.
      CDF prior to this year was not nearly enough to build a slap of this police post. The UPND government rightly came in and utilized CDF to finalize the construction.
      Why should credit be given to UPND alone? Haimbe should have been honest enough to thank previous government and then cement his government’s involvement in this. Same thing as the UPND claiming they have ended loadshedding now.

    • Who’s Terry now? Is that another alias I am allegely using? CDF is taxpayer’s money only a tool would think is PF or UPND’s…please give me this info that this project was 96% as of August 2021. Like it or hate it this govt increased CDF

  2. When you make such announcements especially to do with CDF tell us who the contractor is and who are the sub contractor …so we judge for ourselves if locals firms are benefitting.

  3. Yes Police post is welcome. However, lets see more emphasise on solving the root cause of criminal behaviour,,,because its definitely not the luck of Police.

    I rest my case!!

    • They can commission even one million stations but if the police are not serious these buildings won’t serve any purpose at all. Crime has skyrocketed. You don’t see even a single policeman on our streets. They are all crowded at station or worst still a road block.

  4. @ Chinza, you missed the point because your eyes are always stuck on partisan politics. Read again, the Minister never praised his Party nor criticised the former. CDF is taxpayer money does not belong to UPND nor PF.

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