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Religion and Spirituality in African Governance


By Rev Nevers Sekwila Mumba


The religious and spiritual community is God’s moral force for good in society. It is the light in darkness. It is also called, the salt of the earth. The idea of salt presumes that spirituality must be infused into the fabric of governance in order for it to add taste and value to society.
The values that held society together in past generations are greatly compromised today. Morality and integrity are no longer the guide and light of our world.

The ironic belief that people of faith should not be involved in politics has contributed greatly to the breakdown in values like justice, peace and the respect of human rights.

The Church and the religious community at large should not only pray for those in authority but must aspire to be in authority in order to infuse godly values into society.

Unfortunately, history has forged a lie that men and women of faith must not aspire for political office as this is beneath them. It is this notorious belief that has left most of Africa in its current state of social and economic devastation.

A good tree yields good fruit and a bad tree yields bad fruit. Godly leaders will promote godliness and ungodly leaders shall promote ungodliness. This is the unchangeable principle of life. The Bible sums it up in these words, “ You reap what you sow.” Africa needs to invest in good leadership.


Africa is without contest the richest continent on earth. It’s natural resources are vast. It’s mostly young population is in the excess of 1.4 billion. The drums of africa’s moment to take its number one spot on the global stage are sounding louder by the day. In this regard, I wish to agree with the prediction of our true mother Dr Hak Ja Han Moon during her last tour of Africa, when she declared that, “africa’s unfair colonial history shall not stand in the way of taking her leadership role in the world.”

With it’s resources and its most resilient people, it is evident that this day of jubilee for Africa is closer than it has ever been. But to achieve this, Africa must do some house keeping business. Firstly it must invest in leadership of morality and integrity. Secondly Africa must create and strengthen institutions of governance and Thirdly, Africa must unite and speak as one voice.


The answer to the paradox of a rich continent against a poor population hangs on the morality and integrity of its leaders. Until we find a way of raising, supporting and installing God fearing leaders, the vast resources of Africa will continue to be wasted through greed and corruption.

The deliberate exclusion of men and women of faith from participating in politics robs the continent of capable and quality leadership which can turn the fortunes of the continent around. The doctrine that politics and religion don’t mix remains responsible for the continuous plunder of africa’s natural resources. When these candidates of faith put their names forward to aspire for political office, they face the same challenge of not enough support to compete favorably against those who have no regard for godly values. The religious community in Africa must therefore change its belief and encourage men and women of faith to take up political leadership roles in order to equitably distribute the resources of the continent.


African nations must create and strengthen the institutions of government in order to promote the rule of law. Dictatorships and cronyism have in the past destroyed the infrastructure on which an equitable and fair society can operate. The judicial systems, the legislature have in some cases been used as instruments of the parties in power and only respond to the dictates of those in power. Nations without strong governance systems and institutions can never rise. Most african countries have suffered from a lack of order and systems upon which they can hang success. This is what we as Africans must fix together.

It is true that institutions alone do not solve all of our challenges, but good people serving in these institutions do.


The unity of Africa is cardinal in overcoming poverty and conflicts. The unity of Africa will create a strong economic and social block which cannot be manipulated. The vast resources of Africa must first benefit the african people. But for this to happen, the religious and spiritual leaders must start to think beyond their individual religious organizations.

The Universal Peace Federation, UPF remains the unparalleled world organization that has crossed denominational and religious barriers to create a new spiritual symphony across denominations. It is this symphony that shall unite the Church in Africa and give it a United voice.


It is this united voice that we must take to the African Union. It is this united voice that shall reshape Africa into a more secure and prosperous continent. To be heard or respected by the African Union, the voice of religious leaders must be united and strong.
The Inter-religious Association for Peace and Development, IAPD is equal to the task in facilitating this unity of the religious community on the African Continent.

Africa stands unstoppable if united and when we place a premium on the leaders we put into political office.

This was a speech delivered at at the SUMMIT 2022 and LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. SEOUL, KOREA


  1. Pastor Mumba has failed to address the fundamental issue and that’s the behavior of the “men of God” in public office and he’s no exception. What was Godly about a philanderer taking to the alter and make a proclamation that Zambia was a Christian nation? This was just a political gimmick and a serious fraud. What did Pastor Mumba tell us when he founded the National Christian Coalition, the forerunner to the defunct National Citizen’s Coalition? Anyway lies have short legs and Pastor Mumba is perfect example. I’d rather entertain a non believer that comes to me in honesty than these men of God

  2. You can justify anything with any facts that you can get from anywhere to support what you have decided. Religious people have always been part of governance just like they have been in the civil service, military, medical etc professions. Nothing special in politics unless it is a Reverend who is hungry for more power.

  3. He is talking absolute rubbish Religion and Spirituality are two very different things altogother. We Africans were spiritual before the white missionaries came with their religion to brainwash us…in fact we have been spiritual for thousand of year way before religion was even created, There is a reason why the slavemaster took away everything from the slave including name, tribe, denied education but let the slave read or hold the bible because Religion is a very powerful tool to the White Supremacist.

  4. The man is very desperate for recognition. The whole thing is aimed at justifying his presence in politics. One time when asked if he would join politics, he replied that this would be a demotion for him. But a few months later he crept into the republican vice president position. The same man claimed there would be civil war if the MMD won the election. It’s been thirty years and we haven’t seen his vision yet.

  5. Aka Ayatollah Nevers Bin Sekwila Al Mumba is a fanatical zealot. This theocracy he is proposing here will turn Zambia into a kind of Talibanized state, we do not want that here.

  6. It is very important to note that there is absolutely no good Leaders in human form.
    If you read the Bible even the chosen ones were not good either.
    But we should not confuse what is Godly is Godly.
    This where we miss the point in understanding the Bible.
    Look for instance Judase Iscariots, the disciple that sold our Lord Jesus Christ;
    First we must understand that Judase Iscariots must have spent time with the Church elders before becoming a of the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. In short, I view Judas Iscariot as a politician and was looking forward for a Leader as he must have heard elders speak here and there in Jerusalam.
    Judase Iscariots in his contact with our Lord Jesus Christ, must have discovered great similarities as he had heard elders say in synagogues and easy…

  7. The man has lamentably failed in all public leadership roles that require transparency and accountability except one that doesnt require them its religion.

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