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Government to setup ethanol plants in provincial centres


The Government will next year start constructing ethanol plants in provincial centres for blending fuel, as a measure to reduce the cost of petroleum in the country.

Minister of Energy Peter Kapala said this today in Kasenengwa District when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Saili and Senior Induna Kapichila ahead of commissioning the 7 million litre capacity Fuel Depot.

The Minister told the traditional rulers that the Ministry of Energy has plans to start producing cheaper blended fuel using ethanol.

Eng. Kapala stated that the blended fuel will use ethanol from cassava, although the wish was to use maize but that is not an option because it could threaten the national food security.

He said the blending of fuel is a strategy to reduce the fuel cost in the economy, which will reduce the cost of doing business and also facilitate the creation of more jobs for the youths.

Speaking earlier, Chief Saili, who represented Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people, said it is hoped that more capital projects will be established in the province to create jobs for young people.

The traditional ruler appealed to the Minister of Energy to ensure that the US$40 million depot that was being commissioned today will create jobs for local people and not those from outside.

The chief also thanked Government for establishing the fuel depots and hoped that the infrastructure which will act as a strategic fuel storage facility will lead to the reduction of fuel in the province.

The Minister of Energy, Peter Kapala, will later this afternoon commission the US$40 million Chipata fuel depot which is located in the Kasenengwa District.


  1. There is no need for a plant when many poor Zambians are brewing ethanol illegally via kachaso. Instead of Gary abusing them and forcing undervage to drink, why not harness these skills Instead. Upnd fikopo

  2. A typical Infrastructure that will help everyone either directly or indirectly.
    WE have been calling for this Ethanol Plant for a long time, it’s high time now! And this is good news.
    However, I will still insist the Kachasu brewers become part of the supply chain, that way , will also be fighting the health hazard part, which will make this infrastructure even more economical beneficial.
    The biggest IFIKOPO were the PF who were blind to such an opportunity.

  3. So far so good UPND, atleast we are out of the PF dark days , my advice to UPND is that there are still too many issues in future tense, is it because of the empty coffers you inherited

  4. We need Zambians to own these infrastructures. PPP should partner with local investors. Even with the smallest share of the investments.

  5. I wonder how backyard Kachasu brewers of this ethanol can benefit in this project. Could they now sell in containers to big firms for fuel blending? Are they cut out in this equation or they are still partners?
    Note: it still remains illegal and deadly to consume kachasu the same way it is unlawful and lethal to ingest methylated spirit and codeine cough syrup.
    Even when cannabis was legitimated in Zambia, it did not allow for recreational smoking, but curative healing purposes only.
    Starting with Kanyama compound, legalise kachasu.

  6. Have you done enough research? Some vehicles especially new ones are very sensitive to changes in fuel and the sensors will pick it up and prevent the vehicle running at optimum condition which might even mean more fuel wastage.

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