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Private mining investors should accord government dignitaries the respect that they deserve


Central Province Minister, Credo Nanjuwa is saddened by the behaviour of directors of some mining companies in Mkushi District who run away from government officials that visit their firms.

Mr. Nanjuwa says government dignitaries should be accorded the respect that they deserve by investors especially that they are there to serve the interest of the people.

Speaking when he met directors of some mining firms from Mkushi at his office in Kabwe, Mr. Nanjuwa explained that government dignitaries that visit the mining firms do so on behalf of the president who wants to know the welfare of the people in various areas.

He said the licenses that the mining firms acquire have conditions on them and that it is the duty of government officials to see to it that the guidelines are being adhered to.

And True stone Mineral Processing Limited Director, Mathews Sikanyika has commended government for its efforts in trying to dialogue and find solutions to the challenges that mining firms are going through.

Mr. Sikanyika said the major challenge that mining firms in Mkushi are facing is the delay by Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) in approving permits for companies.

Mr. Sikanyika said the delay by ZEMA to approve permits creates anxiety and room for people to start operating illegally.

He appealed to government to quickly intervene by cutting the bureaucracy that is at ZEMA so that work is expedited.

Meanwhile, Director of Datong Industry, Alex Lee appealed to government through ZEMA to standardize the design of wash plants in the mining firms.

Mr. Lee complained that when one applies for construction of the wash plant, ZEMA would approve it, then after the projects advance and sometime when it is near completion ZEMA would come for inspections and direct that the construction should be erased because it is wrong.

He said the work attitude at ZEMA should be revised so that it benefits both the government and the investors.


  1. I have heard that officials delay the approval just so that they can get money’s paid to them. ZEMA is a relic of PF and fill of corrupt officials

  2. What do you want at the mine. We miners have no time to waste like the civil service. Our time is seven hours but we’re at the place by six hours, have cocoa and mine bread and at seven hours we at our operations areas. If you want to see us come at sixteen hours when come out.

    • You are a lawless individual with a calivier mentality …govt officals and inspectors can come anytime from 9 to 5…Monday to Friday, if they inform you make time for them.

    • Tarino Orange read no 3. I have thirty years service in the mines both at junior and middle management. The MSD by law can visit the mine without announcement. They know how we operate and their visit although necessary do not interfere with our operations. Coming to your political leaders..oh no they come unannounced at the wrong time for nothing other than threatening us. I obey the law to the letter. In my service my section of operation has never recorded a mishap. So just shut up.

  3. DCs visit mines, councillors, MPs, chiefs, ZEMA, labour, provincial ministers, Mining ministers, Cadres, labour Unions, Labour minister and civil societies. Half of those want money for no reason.
    It’s unfortunate but these companies have to budget for such inconveniences. I don’t blame them for running away.
    In fact, they should hire security that should prevent these people unless they have a valid reason, that being health and safety inspection.

  4. Only in Zambia can a Minister be pleading on his knees with investors…try running away from a govt offical in US or Europe you will be hit so hard that you will be running your company from prison.

    • Don’t compare USA only when it suits your misery. Here a DC comes to the mine with a view to make you feel his weight… after that he will be asking for empty drums, spilled cement etc…. no other revelevant business.


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