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Bus drivers and conductors union to maintain order following the ejection of cadres from bus stations


The Bus drivers and conductors union ( BDCU ) on the Copperbelt province has embarked on a vigorous inspection to ensure sanity is restored in bus stations in the country.

The Union has vowed to maintain order following the ejection of cadres from bus stations. Upon assuming office last August, President Hakainde Hichilema declared the end of cadres in all bus stations, a phenomenon that dominated the operations of bus stations previously.

BDCU Secretary-general Andrew Sichamba in an interview advised the travelling public to help the association restore sanity and order by ensuring that they board buses in designated areas at all times.

“We are humbly appealing to members of the general public to ensure that they board from designated areas because those drivers that load from undesignated areas are mostly unlicensed drivers.

“ If there is a fatality, no insurance company can compensate such drivers,” Mr. Sichamba warned.

The travelling public should always be cautious and avoid getting on buses or taxis that load in undesignated places as it is an offence that can lead to one being prosecuted.

The Union has assured the travelling public in the region that from now it will ensure sanity and security in all bus stations adding that passengers will be accorded due respect at every bus station.

And Mulungushi bus station vice Chairperson Raphael Kachunga said the union has also resolved to work with law enforcement officers to ensure that adherence to the set guidelines will ensure good governance at bus stations in the region.

Mr. Kachunga warned that public transport operators found loading from undesignated areas will face the wrath of the law.

Meanwhile, the association has apologized to Charlotte Sichuunda, the former Diamond TV who was assaulted during a protest by taxi and bus drivers early this month over their refusal to effect revised transport fares.


  1. Upnd is fixing you f00Iish people who voted them in based on lies.

    Me I made my first million whilst in opposition prior to 2011 and will continue making millions in opposition again until I die.

    • Tarino you claim I am an imposter and that you don’t respond to imposters. So why are you responding to my comment? Are you that dumb that you forget things you say? Are you suffering from dementia gaIu iwe. Fuseke. Just go sing praises for your fellow tribesmen

  2. This is just wrong The Bus drivers and conductors union (BDCU) is no different to cadres they can not maintain any order leave this job to the council and its security …back in the day before cadres came on th scene we had these chaps at bus station there was no order it was just bus drivers and conductors trying to cram as many passengers in small buses before the leave the station. What is needed is quasi govt public body responsible for public transport if we are to move forward….you will find that most of these unions like BDCU are headed by thugs and bus owners.

  3. Maintaining law and order is the role of Zambia Police and Council Police. This union will be charging bus operators to do that, so they’ll end up being another form of cardres

  4. Yes N Korean. The solution is in training a professional police force. One that’s not specializing in only presidential defamation law. One that doesn’t wait for orders from the ruling party. A police force that should have arrested Gary Nkombo for forcing Kachasu down the throat of minors. Not one that will act after the next elections

  5. Is this not like bringing back UTTA under unip and BDMTA under mmd? Bus stations are supposed to be under councils not some association.

  6. Watoloka imisu wanyanta pamafi…now this is chipante pante Government…making things worse….Bus drivers and conductors are Cadres…now they’ve been given green light to operate

  7. To restore sanity, the Council should request the services of ZNS for a period of atleast two years in order for the Council to build real capacity.

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