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Bowman Lusambo in court for pointing at witnesses


Trial commenced on Monday in the case in which Bowman Lusambo has been charged for the offence of attempting to interfere with witnesses presided over by

A state witness, Darius Choonya from Diamond TV testified before court that on 7th April 2022, he was assigned to cover a court case involving Mr. Lusambo and his wife Nancy for the offence of possession of properties suspected to be proceeds of crime at Lusaka Magistrates Court.

He said after the matter was adjourned, he filmed Mr. Lusambo and his wife walking out of court and later transferred the footage from his phone to the editing computer in preparation for news.

He further testified that, in the video clip, Mr. Lusambo was seen pointing at some people as he was walking along the corridor.

When asked if he is able to identify the said witnesses, the Reporter said he does not know them and cannot even identify them.

The video has since been admitted as part of evidence.

Earlier the defence lawyers objected to the video being admitted as evidence arguing that it was not in its raw form and it could have been altered since it was subjected to editing.

However, Hon. Judge Kasanda ruled in favour of the state and the video was later admitted to be part of evidence.

Trial continues on 16th September, 2022.


  1. Lusambo still thinks PF is in power……….

    The police need to install some respect and fear in him for law enforcement……….

    • This one will be put were he belonged, he samwadi after being given power after wearing those vi ma die hard ovolosi, and just imagine that the guy was a leader in this country, but you can see the mess in which the country is in, it speaks volumes of the leadership we had, make no mistake

  2. History has it that when the ruling party is after you on every little thing, there are 95%chances that you will be the next president.. We might be withessing the president in making in Bowman… UPND seems scared of him.


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