President Hichilema to fly to Angola today


President Hakainde Hichilema is today expected to fly into Angola to witness the inauguration of President-elect, Jao Laurenco.

The inauguration of the Angola President Laurence is for the second term of office.

The ceremony comes in the wake of the country’s most closely fought election held on 24th August 2022.

Zambia’s ambassador to Angola, Lawrence Chalungumana, confirmed President Hichilema’s participation in the Presidential inauguration in Luanda this evening.

Ambassador Chalungumana said Angola as a strategic partner in Zambia’s quest to enhance access to cheap petroleum products and other ventures of economic value.

He said President Hichilema, as Zambia’s Chief Marketing Officer, is interested in ensuring that Zambia and Angola deepen relations for the meaningful economic benefit of the two countries.


  1. He didn’t attend Ruto’s inauguration in Kenya and wasn’t represented because Ruto defeated the Brenthurst sponsored puppet Odinga. He’s going to Angola to meet his puppet brother

  2. When ECL was flying it was waste of taxpayers first it was 3 to 4 days on the copperbelt now another day out of the office to Angola to deepen relations for the meaningful economic benefit of the two countries. yaba.

  3. This explains why HH refused to attend Ruto’s inauguration….Western puppet leaders are sticking together….Ramaphosa,Munangangwa,Chakwera, HH etc….useless leaders

  4. Useless comments : 1. He flies out – He is wasting Taxpayer money. He stays in the Country, again he should have flown to attend Ruto’s inauguation.
    2. He goes to Angola – No he has just come from Ndola – as if Copperbelt is outside Zambia.

  5. Nothing wrong in missing out on Ruto inauguration. ICC issues still on etc… PF thugs invited instead of head of state. Well done HH.
    There is more business potential in Angola than Kenya where they can’t even grow enough to feed themselves.

  6. Look at all the countries with Western Puppet Presidents….South Africa,Zimbabwe,Malawi,Zambia etc….their economies are on a decline….now look at Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania etc….all doing very good and this explains why we don’t need the West…..just a bunch of looters stealing our wealth

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