Garry Nkombo gets support from Ndola Mayor on how he is running Local Government

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Garry Nkombo
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Garry Nkombo

Ndola Mayor Jones Kalyati has condemned UPND youths that recently protested saying they do not want Nkombo in his current Ministry. He said Garry Nkombo must stay in the position because he has performed very well in that portfolio.

“Garry Nkombo is a good minister who is a perfect match for the Ministry… he has been clear in the way he directs Councils, ” he said.

Mr Kalyati said the youths that recently protested against him are the youths that are purely disgruntled and must be condemned for their action, adding that Nkombo is an asset to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and if he were to be removed from the Ministry, it would be a drawback because he has been consistent in his direction with the markets and implemented the presidential directive of there not being political cadres.

“I wish to thank the president for having stopped issues of cadrerism and these cadres who want to come back should be stopped as soon as yesterday,” he said before adding that that he himself has always opposed the idea of cadres as it is archaic, backwards and insulting to the people of Zambia and that President Hichilema denounced and detests cadrerism and the Minister has moved in the direction of the president.

“We know for sure that Garry Nkombo is not liked by some because of his stance on cadrerism, he too doesn’t want a situation where people start to feel like they are second-generation citizens while cadres run supreme,” he said

The Ndola mayor noted that many councils agree with the support for the local government and rural development minister as they are happy with the way the Ministry is being run.

“A lot of councils that have communicated to me have indicated their support for Garry Nkombo, his stance is one thing that we support, we have actually enjoyed a fresh breath as councils, because of his direction, because of his management, because of his guidance and because of his way of operation,” he said.

Lately, the protests of youths in Kanyama constituency passed a vote of no confidence in the party secretary general Batuke Imenda and chairperson for party elections Garry Nkombo.

the youths called on president Hakainde Hichilema to drop the Secretary General and replace him with the with Lusaka Provincial chairperson Obvious mwaliteta, saying they believe that top leadership has detached itself from the grassroots.

However, in response to the protests Mr Obvious mwaliteta denied any association with the protesting youths and cautioned them not to allow the opposition to feast on their division.

And the party spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa advised the the youth to be patient as government was putting in place measures to create jobs and business opportunities for them.

Mr Mweetwa further clarified that, contrary to the assertion that president Hakainda Hichilema was not in charge of the country, the head state was fully in control


  1. Where has a petty bourgeios joined the masses in demanding for their rights? Nowhere. Kalyati has to defend his ilk against the protesting masses.

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