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Directors warned against interfering in the day-to-day running of of Water Utility companies


Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha has warned boards of directors of Water Utility companies against interfering in the day-to-day running of the institutions.

Speaking during the consultative meeting on the revised corporate governance guidelines and the concept note for the water utility platform at the Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka, Mr Mposha said that he does not expect the Ministry to get involved in the daily activities of the companies as he does not doubt the capabilities of the appointed Board of Directors in the discharge of their duties.

Mr Mposha said that this is why the Zambian people voted for change so that things can be done differently.

He stated that the New Dawn Government places a high premium on ensuring that government institutions operate effectively and efficiently as it is very passionate about safeguarding public resources, and it is for this reason, that his Ministry has prioritized the appointment of Board of Directors for all statutory bodies and institutions and its eager to realize the positive outcomes in upholding integrity, transparency and accountability among other tenants of good corporate governance.

“We want to see the Boards discharge their duties in an effective and efficient manner,” Mr Mposha said

The Minister cited that he was delighted to be part of the consultative meeting to review the corporate governance guidelines and the concept note on the water utility platform which will unlock some of the impediments in the provision of water supply and sanitation services.

He noted that good corporate governance is core to the successful attainment of the strategic objectives of a company because it embraces structures and processes established to direct and control organisations.

“Corporate governance specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different stakeholders which include shareholders, board directors and managers,” he said

Mr Mposha cited that he has no doubt that the platform with the help of NWASCO will identify the performance needs and gaps of the CU’s as well as facilitate good practices and innovation in learning areas to achieve intended results.

And Deputy Head of Germany Development Cooperation, Kristin Otto stated that her Organisation recognises the efforts that the New Dawn Government is making towards improvement of corporate governance.

She said that corporate governance is critical in the attainment of goals such as the SDG’s and in ensuring that the people of Zambia have access to safe drinking water.

Ms Otto added that she is excited to be part of the establishment of the water utilities platform by NWASCO as it is important for knowledge exchange in skills development and at the same time help improve efficiency amongst water utility firms.

Meanwhile, NWASCO Board Vice Chairperson Dr Lilian Mutesu stated that the objectives of the meeting are to disseminate the contents of the guidelines, consult on the revised guidelines and the draft Concept Note and Operation Guidelines for the proposed WUP.

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