Thursday, June 13, 2024

Fans call for transparency at FAZ


Soccer fans in Zimba Town, Southern Province have called for transparency in the selection of a new coach for the Zambia National Team.

Emphasising that football is a unifier and popular sport in Zambia , an ardent soccer fan in the area Fred Dyaunka advises the football association of Zambia ( FAZ ) not to engage in any under under-hand methods in the selection of the Head coach.

ZANIS sports reports Dyaunka in an interview said that he regretted the resignation of national team coach, Aljosa Asanovic barely a year of his contract.

“I urge FAZ to handle the selection of a new coach for the Chipolopolo in a transparent manner. It’s regrettable that Asanovic quit his job when we needed him most,” he said.

James Mainza, another Zimba Town based soccer, suggests that those interested to take over from the Croatian Asanovic should not be barred from contesting.

Mainza said the ball is now in the hands of the country’s governing body, FAZ , to do a good job.

He however expressed concern that in Zambia, Coaches and FAZ part company because of failure to meet monetary agreements.

“The die is cast: we look up to FAZ to please us (fans) by ensuring that the person it (FAZ) will pick is widely accepted and has sufficient experience in football,” he said.

Asanovic, who is owed US$ 41,000 in unpaid salaries was appointed as Chipolopolo head coach in January, resigned a few days ago.

Asanovic wants to accelerate the matter to FIFA to seek closure and this could attract sanctions on the national team.

However, FAZ, is yet to announce the next steps of action.

A number of notable international and local coaches among them Patrice Beaumulle , former Chipolopolo Head coach Herve Renard’s Assistant and George Lwandamina are among those hoping to take over from Asanovic.


  1. Ever since FAZ was formed in the 50s or 60s up to now, there has always been transparency at FAZ. Let us leave our inherent negative thoughts behind

  2. The current FAZ is a waste of our money. They hire coaches like garden boys. And can all these coaches be failures sure? It’s the one hiring them who is a failure. We should ask this latest culprit why he has decided to leave.
    Anyway I can’t hesitate to say the named coaches at the end of this article will all fail.

  3. These must be lame fans. “We look up to FAZ”? Who looks up to FAZ in this era?
    FAZ will make you commit suicide. They will raise your blood pressure then rob you of treatment money by giving you false hopes that Chipolopolo will win something.

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