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Public University students advised against riots


A Mansa based resident has cautioned students from public Universities to avoid engaging in riots whenever government delays to pay them their meal allowances.

Ms. Gloria Chibwe observes that in the past the issue of meal allowances for students was a major source of problem in public Universities.

She said in an interview on Monday noted notes that students should always know that there are so many pressing issues affecting the country hence the need for them to exercise patience whenever government delays to give them their meal allowance.

“ The public expects University students to be conducting themselves in a responsible manner whenever they want to air their grievances, “ she said.

She noted that resorting to breaking private and public property should be allowed to continue regardless how aggrieved the students may be.

Ms. Chibwe has since thanked the government for considering re-introducing the meal allowance for tertiary students.

She observes that the move will relieve some pressure from parents and guardians who  find it difficult to sponsor their children to universities.

On Friday 30th September, 2022 the Ministry of Finance Dr. Situmbeko Musukotwane presented the 2023 National budget worth  K167.3 billion where he indicated that the government will reintroduce the meal allowance for students in Public Universities for 2023.


  1. So many pressing issues in the country? Yes so we should standup and protest against the so many issues. Why do we have so many pressing issues if we have so many cabinet ministers employed to address them?

  2. Before he became president he sung about ensuring people have unfettered freedom of expression, today they are warning you about your right to protest.

  3. Before the issue of meal allowance was introduced students used to eat from the cafeteria. The issue of meal allowance was introduced as a solution to cafeteria management challenges. When meal allowances were introduced the challenges associated with cooking in residences popped up. Further, government started defaulting on timely payments of meal allowances.
    So meal allowance became a topical issue for student riots. Consequences of some of these riots were damages to public property and even closure of the institutions.
    So I am concerned about what has been put in place to avoid these riots or demonstrations resurfacing. The mere reintroduction of meal allowance attracted demonstrations. Was this Coincidence or welcome of one major excuse for demos. All concerned must think this…

  4. When I was at UNZA we used to eat from the Cafetaria. They had great meals. Even the private restaurants envied them. And of course we never rioted over meals. We had more serious issues to protest about. Of course you have realised this was a long time ago. But what are we doing wrong now thatthe government did right atthe time?

  5. Humanism catered for these meals. Then, no CBU/UNZA student would ever eat chicken offals in those premium campus cafes. (Shamelessly, such junky scrap has today become ‘ama settie’ in modern restaurants, though).

    After the 90’s privatisation, the human face to ‘meals and coupons’ died and everything about social amenities became susceptible to rationing.

    Government has just appeasingly awakened a dreadful sleeping giant, hoping to tame it.

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