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ACC arrests Faith Musonda again


The Anti- Corruption Commission has arrested Margaret Chisela Musonda alias Faith Musonda for possession of property worth over K17 million suspected of being proceeds of crime.

Margaret Musonda, 38, of Kingsland City, Twin Palm Road, Lusaka, has been arrested and charged with ten counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 (i) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010.

Details in the first count are that between 1st August 2020 and 31st June 2021, Musonda did possess property number C5, 1#D4-B in Kingsland City in Lusaka valued at K2,341,000. In the second count, between 1st January 2019 and 30th September 2021, Musonda did possess jewelry valued at K5,500.

Particulars in the third count are that between 1st January 2019 and 30th September 2021, Musonda did possess property namely a Tafe Tractor, a Boom Sprayer, a Plough and a Harrow Disc all valued at US$54,844.53.

In the fourth count, between 1st January 2019 and 30th September 2021, did possess Farm Number F/1504/A in Chisamba valued at K4,600,000.00.

In the fifth count, between 1st January 2020 and 30th September 2021, did possess Government Bond valued at K1,490,000.00.

In count six, Musonda is charged for being in possession of another Government Bond valued at K1,650,000.00. In count seven, between 1st January 2020 and 30th September 2021, Musonda did possess one Bank of Zambia Treasury Bill with a nominal value of K 1,100,000.00.

In count eight, between 1st January 2020 and 30th September 2021, Musonda did possess K1,177,261.54 cash in her fixed Term Deposit Account with Madison Finance. In count nine, Musonda did possess property number 378A/1 in Lusaka valued at K3,633,000.00 as Life Television.

In count ten, between 31st January 2016 and 30th September 2021, Musonda did possess motor vehicles namely a Volvo XC90, A Toyota Allion, a Mitsubishi Canter and an Audi A4, all valued at K520,000.00.

Musonda has been released on bond and is expected to appear in court soon.

This is according to a statement issued by ACC Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Timothy Moono.


  1. Koma ba ACC chabe. How did they miss all this wealth? I remember she had been arrested a month after she surrendered the money and house to the state, she was arrested for not declaring a house in New Kasama.
    And now this? How did they miss all this wealth?
    I hope to see this case reach a logical conclusion with an arrest and custodial sentence as well as forfeiture of these properties and money.
    No more deals, and please tell us how she got all this wealth and who she is hiding it for.

    • Its another waste of time and resources. We want convictions notjust frivolous arrests. By theway can someone be charged for
      “Musonda did possess jewelry valued at K5,500.”

    • The ACC has to be careful. These cases had never been opened under PF ,and so there was need to get all the evidence first since the law in Zambia is that if you are tried and acquitted, you cannot be tried again on that same case. These prosecutions were going to have to go through Siluyuni, the PF appointed DPP who would have quashed them. Now that she has all but been replaced, justice can move forward. Pressure is going to be put on Faith Musonda and she is going to sing to the police. In that song, she is going to mention the name of the real owner of this property in order to get a better deal from the prosecutors. People say that this person is Johnathan Mutawire “meno-meno”, the same chap who has a little concubine from Swaziland.

  2. Our ladies are in trouble, there’s nothing like having a big buyer as boyfriend. Just tell the Judge that my Lord these are proceeds of chukuchuku, it’s not proceeds of crime. We were chukuchuku maria maria with the big boss. May be they can set you free

  3. You have failed to rescue 8 girls from abductions right under your nose, and yet here you are going after a woman . You should be ashamed of yourselves fi upnd. Leave her alone

  4. ‘She is a very good girl’ said one former minister who was a business partner. Hoepfully, he will now come to court to vouch for her ‘goodness.’

  5. More wealth in the cupboard! How much is yet to be revealed? She must have her hands permanently steeped in a money machine churning out wads of cash! I mean, for someone so young, how did she acquire this much wealth whilst most “run of the mill” business people, haven’t got as much for all their years in business, and amongst so much poverty??? Heartless.

  6. Conviction this time please….we are tired of arrests now. Just information of arrests after arrests only is draining to us the spectators

    • Siluyuni is out as DPP, so the wheels of justice can start to move against PF. The next roadblock will be the PF cadres sitting on our judicial bench… In Zambia, you have to be careful. If you take a case to court, and it is thrown out, you cannot prosecute it again. If this woman had been taken to court, with incomplete evidence, and acquitted, she would have walked away free and clear with all the loot she has. The people who decide legal strategy are smarter than you and me. They have arrested her again because they now have the evidence they need. When they put it before her, she will have to sing AND name the real owner of the loot of face the government music alone.. I say she blurts out the name “Edgar Johnathan Mutawire” within the first five minutes of interrogation

  7. as a lawyer, the young lady never stole anything and she was not getting anything in any corrupt way! The truth is musonda is bbeautiful and charming and her lover who certainly has or had special authority over resourcess said to her,” you are so good, sweet andd honest loverr to me and for this reason, I shall give you 20% of all I have as solely yours,as a ssppecciall gift to you and I am entrrusting you with 30% of all I havve as a custodian or sstewarrd of my private weallth esspecially its secuurity..” so,stop troubling musonda,, because whatever she hs was either a token of appreciation something given to her for safe keeping by her general manager/dierector. just iidentify her lover/boss and the issue shall be solved once for all

    • Possession of property reasonably suspected of being the proceeds of crime is a crime by itself. You do not need to have stolen the property. You simply need to possess property you cannot account for to be a criminal. I am not sure where you learned your law from, but you are wrong. This woman is facing years in prison on these charges. The prosecutors will offer her a plea deal: One year in jail, and testify against Johnathan Mutawire” who is the real owner of the property. I am sure that a person used to living in such luxury will crumble and cough out the needed information, and avoid jail in a filth cell and Chimbokaila. As for the beauty, I do not see it. This woman is easily a 4 out of 10.

  8. when faith was arrested pa number 1 ba ACC you entered a deal with her and she sarended same properties and the money i believe in the deal they was no close which was stopping faith from making more money.
    extend this to our MP in the house who declared huge sums and properties

  9. ACC arresting someone, I am lost. Is it not the Police to arrest? Why do we have the ACC? Corruption is caused by poverty and greediness, therefore as long as poverty and greediness continues to be top of the agenda of the Zambian lifestyle nothing will change. A few greed ones want to own everything. It is more the same as “Animal Farm” That is just the way it is, Things will never change, things will always be the same. God help mother Zambia. What a tragedy

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