Teachers welcome govt’s pronouncement on reforming education curriculum

Some pupils of Lusaka Primary School Arthur Wina
File: Some pupils of Lusaka Primary School Arthur Wina

Teacher unions in Mwansabombwe have welcomed government’s pronouncement to reform the education curriculum.

Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) chairperson Sydney Malimba reasons that the development will prevent teaching of content which does not meet the needs of the country’s development agenda.

Mr. Malimba said this during the commemoration of this year’s teacher day held under the theme: “ The Transformation of Education Begins With Teachers ” at Kabumbu grounds.

And Mr. Malimba requested government to address a number of challenges which teachers are experiencing which includes upgrading teachers, school establishment and paying outstanding personal emoluments.

Others are providing social amenities such as decent housing, electricity, safe drinking water, good road networks and actualize government policy of re-uniting couples, among others.

And district Education Board secretary Mary Kanyimbo said as a result of government’s teacher recruitment, the area the number of teachers has now risen from 381 to 472 teachers.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner Morton Sikazwe who was the guest of honour said government is aware of a number of challenges in the education sector and is working tirelessly to address them.

Mr. Sikazwe said education sector is being supported through the provision of desks, construction and rehabilitation of classroom blocks using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF )

And Council chairperson Terrioh Chungu said that the local authority is committed to improving the learning environment in schools.

Part of the Constituency Development Fund will be allocated for the construction of classroom and ablution blocks and installation of boreholes to improve the water supply in schools, Mr. Chungu said .


  1. Education is the greatest leveller. The curriculum should be well suited to the needs of the country than marks obtained in a mediocre subject. In the meantime, no student should be eliminated from the learning process either at elementary or higher education level for failing Maths or English language. We should not concentrate on students weaknesses but concentrate on their strengths as doing so was so 1970s and 80s. Universities should be tailored to provide employable skills to graduates that put them in good stead to land a fulfilling career. There are many faculties that do not require students to pass Maths or English and therefore stop throwing our children on the failures scrapheap.

    • I’m afraid we need to encourage Maths and sciences. These are driving forces for a country’s development. If you look at South Africa the country is in fast reverse gear because majority students have been told to go for soft subjects. The country isn’t producing required technicians and scientists so industry isn’t progressing.
      That’s just one example of african failings. Produce technology graduates who are proud of their continent

  2. Primary schools were turned into basic schools. We no longer have basic schools. I wonder why we still have BETUZ.

    GRZ gave us STEM sylubus which backfired owing to unpreparedness.

    Change of syllabus requires extensive consultation. It is embarassing, shameful to have a grade two pupil learning about sexuality and allowing indiscriminate condoms distribution in these schools.

    My parents were studying Mfecane, Shaka Zulu and the Mississippi rver. For whar??? Our kids are still learning about the same warmongers and wetlands.

    While the curriculum changes are welcome, the entire education system must be revisited as we embrace old age free education.

    • Shaka Zulu Mfecane even the African slaves in Mississippi are relevant to a black man. If you aren’t using them in present day progressive discourse it shows why you have a country that isn’t developing. Can’t you see why the Europeans keep reminding you of Hitler, Napoleon as world history without any of your kind featuring? It is to produce people like you who aren’t interested in themselves but in foreign ideologies. Viva African history! Viva African kingdoms!

  3. We should align zambias education system more to china’s education system………..

    China’s education system would suit Africans more.

    This western education system has not worked with Africans. And will not work….


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