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FQM partnering with environmental protection crusaders



First Quantum Minerals (FQM) is committed to environmental protection in partnership with other interest groups.

FQM Zambia Government Relations Specialist Dr Godwin Beene said this in a speech read on his behalf by FQM Trident Environmental Manager Kachiwala Sapalo during the 2022 Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD) forum organized by the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) in Lusaka.

Addressing the forum held under the theme Strong Actions for Environmental Sustainability, Dr Beene said FQM is committed to mitigating environmental degradation by using sustainable strategic mechanisms which are economically viable, technically appropriate, socially responsible and environmentally sound.

Dr Beene said as Zambia’s largest mining company operating in Solwezi and Kalumbila districts, FQM operations were aligned towards environmental protection management. “Protection and conservation of the environment takes centre stage in our two mines and metal production processes.”

FQM appreciated that it was not the only organization dealing with issues of the environment but other stakeholders like traditional and church leaders.

“It is gratifying to see cooperating partners stand with the public sector to find common solutions in respect of a number of burning issues affecting the environment and communities, and how best we can remedy the situation,” Dr Beene said.

FQM further appreciated that Government was making efforts to safeguard natural resources and raise awareness about sustaining them.

FQM used various mining technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

“This includes the trolley assist technology, electric mining fleet combined with pit crushing and conveying. The FQM group supports the transition to a low carbon economy by mining the metals required to deliver this global initiative responsibly and has committed to reduce absolute Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2025.”

In Zambia, this would be implemented through the development of solar and wind projects in Solwezi and Serenje respectively.

Kansanshi Mining Plc and FQM Trident environmental managers Arnold Malambo and Kachiwala Sapalo were part of a high delegation comprising traditional leaders, heads of the diplomatic corps and the civil society. Story courtesy of Suma Systems.


  1. Lets be very careful with Environmental issues. America and Europe are suffering now because reckless push for false environmental agendas.

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