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Government to continue providing decent housing for police officers


Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata says police officers must be motivated by way of providing descent accommodation for them as they play a significant role in the country’s development.

Ms Mulyata says government is working towards ensuring that public service workers including security officers like police officers, own houses, land, and vehicles through various empowerment schemes.

She said having a motivated public service workforce will result in improved work performance as they will put in their best and execute their duties diligently with the highest sense of responsibility and professionalism.

The Provincial Minister said that the new dawn administration desires to motivate all public service workers in the light of decentralisation which has taken effect and is being strengthened.

“Some of our police officers, like in Rufunsa, do not have good houses and we need to do something to improve their accommodation so as to motivate them to work hard, ” said Mrs Mulyata.

She was speaking in Lusaka yesterday when Zambia Police Service Commission Chairperson Peter Machungwa paid a courtesy call on her.

Meanwhile, Zambia Police Service Commission Chairperson, Peter Machungwa says police officers who engage themselves in corrupt practices and do not change, will face disciplinary measures.

Dr Muchungwa said police officers should not involve themselves in partisan politics and that those who wish to join politics should resign from the police service.

He has urged police officers to maintain law and order as it is important for peace and prosperity of the country.

Dr Muchungwa said the commission will sensitise officers on decentralisation saying the Commission is the processing of establishing Human Resource Management Committees in all provinces as a way of empowering province and districts to be making their own decisions in both management and human resource matters.

“We are transforming the Police Service Commission and ensure that matters concerning our officers are quickly addressed and this is why we are forming Human Resources Management Committees to look at staff matters of our police officers at the lowest level instead of referring everything to the Commission in Lusaka, ” Dr Machungwa.

And Dr Machungwa has appealed to the members of the public to continue working with the Zambia Police officers in order to have peace and security in the country.

He also commended members of the public for the role they played in giving information to the Police on the abduction case involving Pamela Chisumpa and others which made police officers to close into the matter.


  1. I hope the IMF and the world bank are scrutinizing the above article because GRZ allows Political parties not interpreting the constitution before implementing laws.

    Someone needs to petition for rules established by precedents in a democratic nations.

  2. Police Service Maintaining law and order is vital. However, as of today, they are helping one person to executing rule of man. Madam, if you can, help to reverse.

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