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President of Namibia arrives to grace Zambia’s independence day


President of Namibia Hage Geingob has arrived in Zambia for a one-day official visit.

The plane carrying the visiting Head of State, in the company of Namibian First Lady, Monica Geingob, touched down   at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, (KKIA) at 17:00 hours Zambian time.

The Namibian Head of State was received by President Hakainde Hichilema, accompanied by First Lady Mutinta Hichilema.

Others present to receive the visiting President included Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe, the Service Chiefs among other senior government officials.
Later the two Presidents went to the Presidential Dais after which the visiting President was accorded a 21-gun salute.

Dr. Geingob then inspected the guard of honour after which the two Presidents in the company of their spouses appreciated some Zambian cultural entertainment.

Later, President Hichilema and his Namibian counterpart held a closed-door meeting.

President Geingob accepted an invitation to be Guest of Honour at the 58th Independence Anniversary Commemorations scheduled for Monday, 24th October, 2022.

During his Visit, President Geingob will also participate in the Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Freedom Statue in honour of Zambia’s departed liberation heroes and heroines.

Zambia and Namibia enjoy warm and cordial bilateral relations underpinned by strong historical ties dating back to the years of the liberation struggle.

Based on shared values and principles, the two countries collaborate at regional, continental and global levels.

President Hichilema has continued to underscore the need for greater cooperation among countries in the southern African region to enhance intra-African trade and partnerships for meaningful joint ventures, which will help to accelerate the attainment of common development aspirations.

The President’s recent participation at the Swakopmund International Trade Expo in Namibia, among other high-level engagements, is testament of the government’s ongoing efforts to drive this development agenda.

To this end, the Visit by President Geingob serves to reinforce Zambia’s bilateral relations with Namibia and to strengthen partnerships directed at national and regional development, as well as cooperation at multilateral fora, for mutual benefit of the people in the two countries.

President Geingob is expected to depart Zambia after his engagements.

This year’s Independence Anniversary is commemorated under the theme: “Zambia @58: Promoting Inclusiveness towards a Sustainable So


  1. Zambia has gone backwards since upnd thugs took over.there is nothing to celebrate when we are been recolonized by the west because hh likes abasungu

    • Not as backward as under Lazy Lungu when PF thugs and cadres were in control of everything…Oh I forgot you were still in UK playing KZ games online.

    • There are a lot of institutions here in the UK offering support and help to those suffering from serious mental illness. Orange or whatever you are, we recommend you take advantage of these services. It seems from what we can tell you are the resident pain in the azz on this site. Mind your own business if you have nothing better to do

    • God is Great, we couldn’t wait for PF to be out of Power. The most useless and Evil people in our life. Lungu was so dull that his crooks used him. Damn the men looks Older than his Age.
      @ Patriotic Front UK-Branch: Donate Money for Lungu Hair Do. He looks mentality distorted.

    • The Namibians are the only people who value their stay in Zambia during their struggle. They always visit us and attend our independence day at a high level. Viva Namibia! Viva Zambia!

  2. How do these THEMES work? I need help in understanding this new phenomenon which we never had when we was growing up. They sound like very hollow slogans to me. Furthermore, we should stop this idea of wasting money on national holidays like this. Hust stay at home, have parties if you want and get enetrtained by Dead NBC with Zambia’s historical events from the archives.

  3. Zambia is forging the all important economic ties with neighbours at an impressive rate……….

    as it should be…………

    By 2025 most of the opposition will be reduced to one man Street corner protesters holding up placards with no audience……………

    Thus far , most of the improvements are only due to sanity being restored to governance………….

    When the economic benefits from the deliberate policies a start streaming in, in earnest………….

    Zambia would be launching……….

  4. President of Namibia Hage Geingob has arrived in Zambia for a one-day official visit. now us ni 4 days, even for a by-election ni 5days kkkkkkkkkkkk

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