Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Peter Machungwa warns Criminally minded police officers


The Police Service Commission (PSC) says days are numbered on any erring and criminally minded officers in the Zambia Police Service and the Immigration Department.

Police Service Commission Chairperson Peter Machungwa says as his Commission is working tirelessly in rebuilding and restoring the image of institutions under the Ministry of Home Affairs, his Board will not hesitate to take stern measures on any erring officers.

Dr. Machungwa sounded the warning when he led a powerful delegation of commissioners who called on Chirundu District Commissioner Patrick Kasambila at his office in Chirundu District on Thursday.

And Chirundu District Commissioner Patrick Kasambila bemoaned the emergence of juvenile delinquents commonly known as “Junkies” and other criminals that have invaded the border town.

Mr. Kasambila further bemoaned the lack of adequate transport by the Zambia Police Service to tackle the high crime rate in the district and appealed the Police Command in Lusaka to help the district.

The Police Service Commission is in Chirundu District to resolve outstanding staff welfare issues such as promotions, transfers, confirmations and disciplinary issues in a bid to motivate staff in both the Zambia Police Service and Immigration Department.


  1. What is he talking about? All police officers in Zambia are criminally minded….. most of these officers have taxis, expensive cell phones and other electronic devices, cars. How do they manage to afford all these plus a luxurious life? Criminality is not confined to direct stealing … receiving bribes from people for various reasons is grand larceny….one the state is losing money in form of fines two the errant individuals we continue with the bad habits like dangerous driving, unfit vehicles, breaking into our homes stealing from their employers not paying taxes etc.

  2. This is what happens when you employ millions of upnd thugs and criminals in the police service, and then claim you are creating jobs

    • Most of the police are PF criminals and GBM said it, PF employed criminals as police. DR DM what are you talking about, even your Daughter was employed at the Zambian Embassy.

    • Orange or whoever you think you are. We are demanding that you cease to comment on any of our posts. Take this as a formal notification of cease and desist. You are risking legal action. Don’t think blogging protects your identity fully.

  3. Machungwa, you have not capacity to reform the police . The rot started when you yourself were the minister of home affairs.

  4. Police Service Commission (PSC) is just a sideshow of clowns…the cops are simply laughing at them Traffic cops are mounting roadblocks any how fleecing motorists for any amount of money with their Supervising officers well aware of where they are because they are getting a cut. How many officers have you kicked out or arrested for corruption?

    • It must be a new board appointed by the Minister..visit them after 12 months and a 100 board meetings accrueing millions of Kwacha in allowances and achieving zero

  5. Police illegally benefit from both the suspect and the complainant. They seem to get away with it by intimidating vulnerable citizens.

    Why should a motorist be victimised when he just forgot to carry his driver’s licence as if there are no other ways of telling whether that driver is unlicenced or not instead of only soliciting a bribe?

  6. This is the same Peter Machungwa who called the first Republican President a Malawian and was the advisor of FTJ that barred KK from contesting in 1996?

    To avoid issues you are citing please improve the service delivery in all these departments, corruption is not the problem, the problem is efficiency in people getting the service they are entitled.

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