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Church Mother Bodies distance themselves calls supporting the return of Vedanta Resources


Church Mother Bodies in Chingola and Chililabombwe districts on the Copperbelt have distanced themselves from a statement issued by their counterparts suggesting that 21 clergymen in the district want Vedanta resources to return to Konkola Copper Mines(KCM).

The Church Mother Bodies including the Council of Churches in Zambia(CCZ), Bishops Council, Pastors Association and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia(EFZ) among others, have told Phoenix News in a statement that their fellow clergy spoke for themselves and not all church leaders in the two districts.

They have disclosed that the church in Chingola and Chililabombwe is still against the return of Vedanta Mineral Resources to KCM and that this was made clear at a meeting held in the district early this year and was attended by three cabinet ministers.

The church leaders in the two districts say they are opposed to the retake of KCM by Vedanta mineral resources because it was not honouring any of its obligations to the government of Zambia and the people of Chingola and Chililabombwe, for bringing poverty and misery to the 2 mining towns by not paying local suppliers and contractors as well as the failure by the company to do any corporate social responsibility among other reasons.

They have since demanded that should government return Vedanta resources at KCM, they should sign a new legal framework that will compel them to sign a clear, definite corporate social responsibility contract with the residents of Chingola and Chililabombwe and ensure that casualization is abolished while a review of paying of suppliers on time should be done.

Some pastors purporting to be representing a consortium of 21-churches from Chingola and Chililabombwe districts on the Copperbelt this week held a media briefing in Lusaka where they appealed to the government to allow Vedanta resources reinvest in KCM saying the good mining policies of the UPND will compel the infamous company to adhere to rules and regulations of the country.


  1. The levels of immorality in Zambia are so low that we have lost our identity as a nation. It’s become very easy to buy and sell souls in Zambia. The people of Chingola and Chililabombwe have lived with Vedanta for many years such that no one can deceive them, not even sponsored youths or questionable clergy. My advice to those that are being sponsored and their sponsors to promote the return of Vedanta to KCM is that their happiness is short-lived. Those involved must understand that what they’re about to do will live with them for many years to come, and that includes their descendants. If you want a clear conscious please make the correct decision

  2. This issue is not for churches to come in, these are commercial transactions and not related to offering, tithe, altars and anything that go with churches, these are business dealings which details the church does not have. The church’s role is pushing people towards saving God and salvation of the flock. The church has entirely no business here – whether for the return of Vedanta or for the non-return

  3. What will shock you in the first place is the level of mediocrity in the so called “pastors”, “bishops”, etc. it is a shame and a joke at the same time to see the levels of immorality among these seemingly leaders of the gospel of Christ. “ by their fruits you shall know them” when it comes to corruption and bribes, these people who are supposed to be the touch bearers are in the fore front. There are only a handful of genuine pastors, bishops etc in Zambia.

  4. Vedanta Mineral Resources is still a shareholder in KCM. As shareholders, they have a say in the affairs of the company. What the PF, ECL and Milingo Lungu tried to do with KCM was criminal in nature .
    Remember , the PF took the same reckless approach with ZAMTEL and now they owe LAPGREEN (of Libya) in excess of $300 million.
    As a result no investor in their right minds can invest in ZAMTEL.
    The UPND should not mismanage the KCM issue like the PF did with ZAMTEL.

  5. Please Kabuswe stop using the church to full fill your agenda. If you want to return KCM to Vendeta do it in your own.

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