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Stop Politicising Load Shedding – Thabo Kawana


Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana has advised opposition political party leaders to stop politicizing the energy sector by insinuating that the current administration has mismanaged the Kariba Dam.

Mr Kawana stated that it is laughable that some people would implicate the exhaustion of the water at the Dam when it has been caused by natural occurrences such as climate change, which has resulted in not having rains this far.

He acknowledged that the six hours of load shedding is bad but it is the best decision to protect the national asset.

“There is no issue here to politicise as this is an act of nature where we do not have enough rainfall hence, you cannot accuse the government that they are not enough rain in the country and that the government has mismanaged the rains for we don’t produce the rains, so, what is important is to understand that when you have a government in place, and you have this kind of forces of nature you have to take measures and some of the measures we take to ensure that we secure the machinery,” he mentioned

Mr Kawana added that the government is working around the clock to ensure that they increase electricity generation in the country.

He disclosed that President Hakainde Hichilema will soon be launching another unit that will enable it to have more power generation and reduce on load-shedding hours.

“Remember that this load shedding is temporal until the water levels are improved, as there is no aorta in the stories that the New Dawn Administration has mismanaged the energy sector unless they want to claim that we have mismanaged the rains,” he disclosed

Meanwhile, Bahati Member of Parliament Leevan Chibombwe mentioned that the government knew about the load shedding and if they had planned well they could have started it slowly and by now load shedding could only be for two hours.

“Its like the government went to sleep and when they woke up that’s when they made the decision to have load shedding for six hours,” he mentioned

Last week Friday, the Energy Minister Peter Kapala issued a ministerial statement informing the nation that the country will start experiencing six hours of load-shedding per day in residential areas, starting on the 15th of December, 2022, because of the low water levels at the Kariba Dam.


  1. I am doing much better. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who have taken care of me and to all those who have been praying for me and wished me well, the likes of my brother Tayali. God bless you abundantly.

    No amount of evil from upnd will take me down. If I die then you will know who is behind it.

  2. You need to be caged since you are a danger to yourself and the general public – potentially exposed character on frauds in Zambia

  3. Look at this cadre in the ministry talking about not politicising matters…really laughable ….loadshedding is a political issue given how much taxpayers money has been invested in electricity generation

  4. Unbelievable! I thought this load shedding problem was fixed by the PF. All that amount of money they spent into allegedly fixing this issue, where did it go to? In their pockets?
    This country surely, we can’t seem to progress an inch. We are going round in cycles.
    And what a poor excuse from this numskull who calls himself ‘Thabo’ to sound South African instead of ‘Tabo’. Why didn’t you plan for this ‘forces of nature’ you blaming for your incompetence?

  5. Do these civil servants know the difference between politics and civil service. The civil service isnt supposed to be used to attack political parties. If anything everyone including the opposition need to be served by the civil service. Leave politicking to cadres.

    • But this silly chap is a cadre through and through placed in a civil service role like Emmanuel Mwamba was in Ethophia and RSA as a diplomat.

  6. “Remember that this load shedding is temporal until the water levels are improved, as there is no aorta in the stories that the New Dawn Administration has mismanaged the energy sector unless they want to claim that we have mismanaged the rains,” he disclosed

    Its the same cycle of mediocrity …we never learn and yet we continue to invest billions in Hydro electricity instead of diversifying into much reliable sources like in India where they have the largest solar farm in the world called Bhadla Solar Park that costs 1.3 billion USD and has a capacity of 2.25 GW. We are just one drought season from disaster,

  7. O Lord; how things change. Did this guy listen to HH/UPND when they were in opposition? They same way they reeled against the PUBLIC ORDER ACT (which they seem to have fallen in love with today) is with the same zeal that HH and his UPND spoke against Load shedding. He thought if he was in power he could, by miracle, call on the Gods of rain to fill the reservoirs/dams. All you have to do is go in the archives of LT to see for yourself. Now you are in power, let miracles be performed. Politicizing load shedding my foot!!!

  8. kkkkkk but when PF said the load shedding was due to water level caused by climate change you used to refuse so what are you telling the nation especially that you lie too much and this time around you are still lying.

  9. F00l1sness is when you do the same things over and over but expect a different result at the end of it. These people should not be given time, put a dismissal clause in their contracts when they fail to deliver and this issue will not exist.

  10. You would wonder, never before this guy were directors in a ministry known to the public. This guy speaks more than his line minister. It is unfortunate, he’s not a likeable personality.

  11. Just within 10 months in office we have managed to finish load shedding. the owner of the words might have forgotten but us the listeners we have not forgotten. here we are today at 6hrs vaze

    • Kalabwa nowakasosele, takalabwa na mwebwa! Remember,” Watch my lips”. It si now being properly interpreted in true meaning of the statement.

  12. Why are we so unlucky that we get duped by conmen each election year? Surely this thing called Kawana knows that we are not imbeciles that will believe such junk

    • We don’t have critical analyzing minds. We think only about now and not about the future.
      Even our politicians manipulate us on the present situation never the future. Which political party had the future in its manifesto?
      In fact which political party had a manifesto?

  13. Just woow!. Is it this chap laughing at those politicising power outages caused by Climate change?.
    UPND is full of people with alzheimer’s dementia. They’re not lying this is only what their brains can afford believe me.
    Unfortunately it’s called incompetence in a normal person’s world.

  14. A useful idio.t who has forgotten so quickly let me remind you kawana, hichilema used to mock the then government pf …day and night hichilema even changed the name from load shedding to lungu shedding! You people you thought running government is easy! Foolishly this new doom government have sold maize to Tanzania, the bumper harvest (2018-2919) farmers season which was kept as food security. Now is new doom government has failed to deliver farming inputs meaning poor harvest plus little or not rain fall. Zambians let’s prepare ourselves for next years hardship mealie meal price iam sure it will reach K 200- K 230.

  15. If energy is not politics then I do not know what is Sir. If you cannot deal with politicisation of energy, you should not be in politics. If there is a problem, explain why and stop attacking people when they talk about it. Energy MUST be politicised. Otherwise resign and go quietly in the sunset.

  16. Liars caught pants down. This govt is just a big mess. For everything they promised , nothing is working.
    Promised Cheaper fuel- Bufi! ( K27 per litre ati ni Global)
    No load shedding- Bufi( ati chi Kariba dam na chikama…kikikiki)
    Cheaper mealie meal- Bufi ( K180 per 25kg and shortage looming in 2023)
    Cheaper Fertilizer- Bufi…. ( Single sourcing from the husband of a minister)
    No Corruption – Bufi ( Minister caught na ma diaries at a chinese cement factory..kikkiki)
    Dollar will K5 after he is sworn in…BUFI( Today ni K17)

  17. Politics hinges on economy anything to do with econonmy is what people call politics , if you reduce prices of essential goods people will love you anything that make people suffer is what people want you to address failure to do that they will exit you in the next elections in 2026

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