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I’m Surprised Bally Is Graded African Best President By Foreigners And Not Zambians – Mundubile


I am surprised that our voters haven’t graded him as the best President but somebody out there who doesn’t even live in this country is grading the Head of State as the best President in Africa, Hon Brian Mundubile has said.

Addressing the media after all UPND MP’s voted that Zambia’s health facilities are well stocked with medicine, despite the committee special report on health proving otherwise, PF MPs expressed their disappointment with the new government.

Leader of the opposition in Parliament said Zambia is clearly under trouble if what transpired in Parliament on Friday is what is expected of the UPND government.

He slammed Education Minister who insinuated that PF, despite all the progress steps they took in transforming the ministry of health destroyed the country in the last 10 years.

“I am sure most of you have listened to the debate especially from the minister of education. When you hear the minister of education, Hon Douglas Siyakalima saying the PF in 10 years destroyed this country, what he actually means is that one, we transformed the health sector by introducing institutes like Public Health Institute, we came up with NIMA which was in charge of health financing, global health, that is what Hon Siyakalima means when he says they don’t have social shame,” he said.

“He means we should be ashamed of building 650 health posts across the country. He means we should be ashamed of building a 100 district hospitals, he means we should be ashamed of building specialists hospitals. On the floor of the house we see a lot of arrogance, people convincing the Zambian people that us in the PF have no social shame. That in the 10 years we destroyed the country. Destroying the country in this case, means building hospitals across the country. Means bringing about the distribution system of drugs through ZAMSA…. that is destroying the country.”

Hon Mundubile said UPND has “ululumbi.”

He said the new administration have been making noise after employing 11,000 health workers while PF was not loud about the 25,000 health workers they employed.

The Mporokoso lawmaker said the employment of 11,000 health workers is the best news to have ever happened to the UPND because according to them it is the first time.

“As we debate on the floor of the house and you hear our friends on the right, you have to take a lot of time to research. They have what we called in Bemba ululumbi. Because 25,000 health workers were employed under the PF,” he said.

“We didn’t go so loud about it because it was part of our mandate as a government. But we built hospitals, we built health systems, they still don’t talk about it. The only information they have is the 11,000 health workers that they employed. And that is the best news that has ever happened in our country because in their view, it’s for the first time.”

He said the PF MPs’ fear is with parliament on adjournment, there may be so many things going wrong.

Hon Mundubile assured citizens that PF will stand in the gap and fight.

“So we have agreed amongst ourselves to remain alert, we will regroup from time to time to address very important national matters. Because if what happened on the floor today is what is expected of the New Dawn, then ladies and gentlemen we are clearly under trouble,” he said.

“We are in big trouble going forward… we will stand in the gap and fight, and represent all the poor people, the poor Zambians that woke up to go and vote for the UPND and that we will fight any interference from the foreigners who are now grading our President as the best President in Africa.”


  1. HH on course to win the mo Ibrahim awards of African president……….


    11,000 health workers in 1 year

    Compared to

    25,000 health workers in 10 years……..

    Do the maths………..

  2. These PF chaps have bigger problems within their own party I mean they dont even have a leader …their last one was so useless that he would not even be graded for anything apart from drinking whiskey and hanging out with international gun runners!!

  3. I am surprised he is leader of the opposition in parliament, why can’t he debate in the house? On HH’s lack of popularity within the country, can the honourable gentleman give us the data he has based the assertion on. Surely is this calibre of leaders we had in the past 10 years?

    • Do you think you are right ? Mundubile is right, it is us who suppose enjoy the leadership of our president not the outsiders no no no !!!

  4. Out of bitterness… Body language of those people around him show that there is something FISHY.
    Mundudulu, Think beyond the box. PF would have been in power if the governance was good to everyone (voters)

    Here, we have applied for NATO membership mainly because of a threat Russia poses.

  5. Does Mundubile really think PF made Zambia better with all those lagging indicators all pointing south? Independent sources don’t lie and numbers don’t lie.Let’s ask the IMF,the World Health Org and all the Zambian families who lost loved ones in the cholera outbreak of 2018.

  6. The president will pay a state visit to the mighty China soon.

    It will not be a visit of a hungry african leader with his tail between his legs and pockets bulging with corrupt money from unfair Chinese kickbacks, but………..

    A leader respected by the Chinese who they trust to honour Chinese investment in zambia……………

    Forward 2031…….

  7. These PF thugs are dumb.. Simple mathematics for goodness sake! 25,000 10 years vs 11,000 1 year. At what cost did PF build health posts? You left the country in debt with your reckless borrowing for goodness sake!

    • Bazooker – Those prefabricated Health Posts were built with a loan from Indian EXIM Bank meaning everything was sourced from India zero benefit to the local construction Industry only lumped with a loan but these dull chaps would mention it.

  8. Mundubile seems to be very emotional plainly knowing his will never be the majority or just ruling the country they’re all thieves.

  9. Mundubile, get a life. Zambians have screwed up before by choosing KK over Simon M Kapwepwe. This time, they did right, HH the real man in office.

  10. I was very suprised when i visited one of the hosptals on the copperbelt.When I went into the ward i found mattress on the floor with people on them.The ward was very dirty and the smille which was coming out was pathetic.No drugs in this hosptal and this leads me to appeal to those defending this matter to come and see this hosptal.Stop lying,you already in govt just deliver on your promises.To the praise, please this is our country be patrotic and stop bitting about the bush.Soon this country will be a laughing stock.zambia is for all zambians.Dont sell zambia.

    • So you want HH to go and clean it? Call out the name of of the hospital and hold them accountable for the filth in their hospital. We shouldn’t blame politicians for things hospital managers and staff are responsible for. Local Businesses can donate disinfectants and soap if the director put out an appeal. Problem is, the same people we try to support will steal the cleaning materials. Back to square one…

  11. Zambians can’t agree with you that you employed that number of Health workers bcz you did it secretly.What you’re doing now after being defeated in the Honourable House shows that Zambia was ruled by ignorant people bcz who ever attended Primary Education in this country knows very well that for a bill to be enacted as law it has to pass through 3 stages in Parliament.Now in the case of you PF you’re making it 4 stages.After being defeated in the house it’s Press Conference.This has become your perpetual way of PF survival.From Courts Press Conference,from DEC/ACC Press Conference,from Police Press Conference & even your lawyers have taken the same trajectory.Mind you Zambian’s do follow deliberations in Parliament where you don’t want the gvt to respond to you through your constant…

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