Monday, June 24, 2024

Nakonde council seizes expired products


The Department of Public Health at Nakonde Town Council in Muchinga Province has seized various expired food products worth over K3,700 from local traders.

Nakonde Town Council Chief Health Inspector, Alice Mwanza, said the confiscation was done following a routine inspection conducted by health inspectors in Chiyanga area yesterday.

Ms Mwanza confirmed the development in a press statement made available to the media in Nakonde.

“The seized items include 44 boxes of biscuits worth over K2, 640, 14 cases of soft drinks worth K980 and three boxes of spirits (alcohol) totaling to K120 which expired in October 2022,” she said.

She expressed dismay with the traders who had continued selling hazardous products to the public despite being aware of their expiration.

Ms Mwanza has since warned sellers to desist from selling expired goods, stating that it is a punishable offence if found wanting.

She added that the inspection exercise is ongoing because the local authority is keen to ensure that the traders are adhering to the Food Safety and Public Health Act.

“It is an offence to sell expired food or beverages to the general public as stipulated in the Public Health Act cap 295 of the laws of Zambia and the Food Safety Act number 07 of 2019,” she added.

Ms Mwanza said the Department of Public Health will dispose of the expired goods with permission from the magistrate court only after a satisfactory inspection in the entire district.

She has also pointed out that it is illegal to sell alcohol and groceries under one roof, warning that those that are currently doing so should stop as the two segments have different trading standards and requirements.

“It is an offence and this can only be permitted if it is a wholesale, retail or supermarket which has met all the requirements and standards,” she added.


  1. Really laughable …these chaps undertake routine checks during the busiest time of the year…anyway good work!!
    Lets hope you will show us when you burn everything!!

  2. Can’t believe that sabotage of destroying food by PF continues to now.
    Give those drinks and food to people to eat, they won’t die you fuuuuls.

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