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Media Consultant Criticizes Actions of Cabinet Officials for Display of Hypocrisy and Lack of Moral Conscience


Kasebamashila Kaseba, a media consultant and news analyst, has criticized the actions of Nicholas Phiri, the First Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office, and Thabo Kawana, the Director of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. In a statement, Mr Kaseba described their recent inspection and purchase of luxury vehicles at a showroom as “a display of hypocrisy and lack of moral conscience.”

The criticism comes amid reports that President Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), has rejected the use of the Presidential Jet due to its perceived extravagance and has also declined to reside in the Nkwazi House, a government residence that is over 50 years old. Instead, Hichilema has chosen to reside in his own private residence, which some have referred to as the “Community House,” which is reportedly about seven years old.

Mr Kaseba noted that the actions of Phiri and Kawana seem to be in contrast to the values and beliefs espoused by President Hichilema and the UPND. President Hichilema has previously stated that he would not draw a salary as President and would instead donate the funds to the public, and has also criticized the use of luxurious and fuel-inefficient vehicles by the previous government.

While Mr Phiri and Mr Kawana have defended their actions, stating that their salaries and conditions of service allow them to afford such luxuries, Mr Kaseba called on President Hichilema to hold his subordinates accountable for their actions. Mr Kaseba also raised questions about the cancellation of the Civil Service debt swap arrangement by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, which was announced by Kawana.

It remains to be seen how the UPND and President Hichilema will respond to these criticisms and whether any action will be taken in regards to the actions of Mr Phiri and Mr Kawana.



    • Blame their wives, they demand for such.
      And their women they are displaying are so ugly. Only cars are making them look more presentable.

  1. Do you think the husband loves that lady receiving the mitsubishi? I doubt. Buying her a car is his way of sending her to an early grave so he can remain enjoying life. Honestly, she doesnt need a car. she needs a skipping rope, a bicycle and other exercise machines.

  2. A good sheep is that one that hears, understands, follows and implements the master’s word and vision. I agree with Mr kaseba’s view. The two are really a disgrace. And only that ” pa nsaka tapabula chipuba”

  3. Now all Zambians know where the IMF kaloba is going….look at that lady receiving a Mitsubishi….Majority of Zambians are starving and losing weight and UPND’s are gaining weight uncontrollably ,,,and you thought PF were thieves…just wait soon you will be seeing UPND officials flying around in private helicopters

  4. For sure…………

    The president has to act to show leadership………..

    His officials are now mocking long suffering Zambians with these displays of exuberance……….

  5. The president has to act to show direction..………..

    His officials are now mocking long suffering Zambians with these displays of exuberance……….

    They have been told about this flashing of wealth……….

    Are they now drunk with power……???

  6. I wonder why Hakainde is quiet….these are your appointed civil servants get rid of themor send them to your Party H/q. A seasoned civil servant would never dare do this or anyone with common sense!!

  7. You’re in the USA,UK or Canada and you think people are suffering back home….these Government officials are busy buying expensive luxury cars for their wives and building mansions for their girlfriend….and next thing is a bigger begging bowl to the IMF…and begging for more Aid….
    And now you can imagine what’s happening in secrecy…looks like there’s massive looting behind closed doors

  8. The change Zambians voted for…. Zimya Neighbour…no wonder these leaders are saying things have improved in Zambia…imagine how much money Situmbeko is looting if Cadres can be chewing big money like this…am told cadre Liswaniso is now one of the richest cadres in Zambia

  9. I work 3 jobs in the USA and all I do is pay bills whilst Kawana and company are forking out big mulla..I will foward these pictures to the IMF director
    Dandy Krazy used to mock poor Zambians and now he has passed the button to UPND officials

  10. I support Grant @12. We work very had in diaspora and sometimes doing 3 jobs to meet ends meet, buy cars and pay bills build houses in Zambia and so forth.All these guys pretending to have money and buying their girlfriends cars are white collar criminals or thieves exposed to the national treasury without shame ba mambala who ithink need to be in jail. They are not even scared to display their stolen wealthy in the media. If it was in western country they would have been scanned and dealt with accordingly and maybe in jail this time.Nga mulomfwako ifyo aba sungu ba isosha pa ndalama ishi mukongala mwayakana na ma girl friend yenu, teti muyeko libili ku ku kongola. If it was hard earned money he cannot opt to show off like this. Impiya shakwiba shilakola. They need to be traced and…

  11. My Regina looks far much more attractive than the lady in the picture. Every woman on earth is beautiful but doesn’t mean I find everywomsn attractive


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