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Clergy hails declaration of Zambia as Christian Nation


Residents in Chembe District have praised government for upholding the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation for the past 31 years since its pronouncement by the late Second President Fredrick Chiluba on 29th December 1991.

And Chembe District Pastors’ Fellowship Chairperson Affet Kunda has thanked and commended President Hakainde Hichilema for abolishing the death penalty that he cited to have contradicted the status of Zambia being a Christian nation.

“The Bible in the Book of Exodus chapter 20: 13 clearly forbids the killing of another man and the death penalty sentence was not in line with the biblical teachings but we are happy that our President is governing this country using the Bible as his guide,” Bishop Kunda explained.

 Bishop Kunda said the abolition of the law is not a passport for Zambians to engage in criminal activities and has since urged Zambians to respect the law and desist from finding themselves wanting.

Mr Kunda further commended the former President Edgar Lungu and the incumbent President Hakainde Hichilema for clearly demonstrating the spirit of love and brotherhood through the smooth transition of power after the 2021 August general elections.

United Party for National Development (UPND) District Secretary Patrick Chabu says the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation has concretized the One Zambia one Nation, motto that has continued to unite Zambians as one people regardless of tribal and regional boundaries.

Mr Chabu explained that Zambia is known as a hub of peace by other countries because of the unity and love that is exhibited through the oneness that Zambians have continued to show towards one another and it is because of the biblical principles that are used to govern the country.

“Despite having Christian values imparted to our Zambian people, we have continued to see moral decay with a lot of gender-based violence activities leading to more death and divorces than ever recorded in the history of this country and this needs to be looked into seriously as a nation,” he bemoaned.

Meanwhile, Headwoman Temfwe Nkandu says despite the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation the levels of corruption in Zambia are alarming in all sectors including land issues that have seen the vulnerable in society deprived of the little investment they would have sacrificed at the expense of greedy people.

“Most people in Zambia have forsaken their traditions and culture in respect to the western culture in the name of Christianity and this has destroyed the cultural values that were instilled in the younger generation because today you will see young ones almost walking naked in the name of fashion with no respect at all,” Headwoman Temfwe explains.

And the youths in the district are calling on fellow youths to amend their ways and live exemplary lives that will be a good example to the younger ones that are looking up to them.


  1. Only home grown pastors who are actually loafers abs turned to this declaration as a means of survival are the ones who celebrate. Three church mother bodies don’t even recognize this day.

  2. We have have far more important things to worry about , jobs, food security, shortage and government feeds this rubbish to us, pure brainwashing.

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