Thursday, May 30, 2024

Lusaka Minister visits Enock Mwepu


Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata says government is on the right track in provision of quality health services to patients with cardiac conditions in the country through the National Health Hospital.

Ms Mulyata says commended the health institution for the quality medical services it offers to the patients in the country.

Speaking when she visited Former Chipolopolo Captain and Brighton Midfielder, Enock Mwepu who is admitted at the Hospital, Ms Mulyata observed with delight that Mwepu is recovering well and in high spirit.

She stated that the former Chipolopolo Captain has done so much for the National Team throughout his football career hence the need to give him moral support as he recovers from his illness.

‘’We are here to wish Mwepu a quick recovery. That’s our child and he has done so much for the nation as team captain for the Football National Team. Government is also supportive of all the operations that are done here. As government our passion is to treat patients right here in Zambia and not having them going far away to India or England for treatment,’’ she said.

She further said government will work towards ensuring that the hospital has more equipment that can treat both elderly patients and children with cardiac conditions within the country.


  1. The hospitals in Zambia are still badly equipped. After so may year of independence. It is a shame. That even toilets at hospitals have become dirtiest in Africa.
    To the footballers from Zambia playing abroad I would like them to emulate players from West Africa like Mane. They build hospitals, schools and mosques or churches in their areas. Not rubbish’s like Kalusha Bwalya who live like in colonial past. Poor under white women. What a shame!

    • Government must build hospitals. When footballers start building hospitals it means government is failing to do its job. It shows that someone is stealing taxpayers’ money and expecting citizens to substitute for his thefts.

    • Patients with heart condition should be given space and not overwhelming crowds from Lusaka.
      Stop visiting umwaiche Enock, instead go visit his mother and drop money and your presents at her house. She will take to Enock.

    • Kalusha is my brother but I agree with you on the point about whlte women. A black man should never marry whlte when we have many black sisters single. You cannot build an empire by diluting your genes.

    • @Kaizar Zulu that is exactly what Hitler’s doctrine was. He stupidly thought races shouldnt dilute or mix and that the Aryan race was most superior. So you have joined the creed that would do anything including bloodletting to protect some intangible thing called race.

    • It’s government responsibility to build hospitals. We pay so many taxes which just end up financing foreign trips for the privileged few.

  2. This boy should have been fitted with a Artificial cardiac pacemaker….Zambia is ill-equipped to deal with such conditions,,..they will be just showering him with prayers by crooked Pastors everyday.

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