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Kamanga: Revising Football Season Calendar Not a Solution


FAZ President Andrew Kamanga says revising the calendar for the local football is not a solution to challenges that come with playing matches at the peak of the rain season.

Kamanga said Football House is aware that heavy rains are disrupting some league matches under its umbrella.

In his weekly column, Kamanga said improved infrastructure can help to reduce incidents of abandoned matches due to rains.

“We have taken note of the challenges presented with the above normal rains that most of the country has been receiving in the last few weeks.”

“It has obviously made it difficult for football to be played in some places but as we have repeatedly said, the solution lies in improving our infrastructure,” Kamanga wrote.

“The change of calendar directive from CAF/FIFA is something the football stakeholders were well informed about and duly deliberated on. There is no doubt that with improved infrastructure we can weather the storm,” he stated.


  1. I’m not a fan of Kamanga but on this one I sympathize with him. The change was discussed for several seasons at FAZ council AGMs and emergency meetings. The rationale behind was that our national team was not doing well in competitions because while other countries were in season, Zambia was off season thus making our players not fit enough to play against the other teams.
    Question of rain was raised but it was noted that the other countries were also playing in worse weather than Zambia..

    • Not true. It wasnt discussed for several seasons. It was a directive in 2017 from CAF that African members-not just Zambia-should adhere to the European calendar. Nigeria and Malawi havent conformed. If I remember Malawi’s responded thus:
      FAM ponders on CAF calendar change | The Nation OnlineFootball Association of Malawi (FAM) says they will not automatically join the bandwagon of Southern African soccer governing bodies embracing football calendar changes in line with the major leagues in the world as well as the amendments in the CAF calendar.

  2. I dont sympathise with him because he is lying. FIFA never issued a directive about the calendar that is dictated by our colonial masters: Europe. They just asked those who want to follow it. The CAF boss from Madagascar wanted it enforced because he was bribed. Those countries that think their weather doesnt suit the European calendar can continue with their own calendar. Kamanga however has no balls so he would like to carbon copy Europe. Africans need to have their own plans instead of relying on the muzungu in everything they do. Brazil and other South Americans dont follow this European calendar yet they have more players in Europe

  3. No Africa has more players in Europe but you are right Africans should think on their own and not let Europe dictate their mindset. The Arabs forced Europe to play the world cup at their required time

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