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Politicians warned against tribal talk, tribalism is a danger to national peace and unity


The Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) has warned politicians against tribal talk saying tribalism is a danger to national peace and unity.

Recently, a debate on tribalism in Zambia has resurfaced with some people accusing the UPND Government of preferring to work with people from Southern, Western and North Western Provinces only.

But Minister of Information and Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda said the New Dawn Government provides equal opportunities across ethnic, religious and gender considerations.

RCZ Synod Moderator Rev. Ackson Banda said tribal remarks being issued by politicians mostly must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

Rev. Banda said Zambians should be seen promoting unity through the One Zambia One Nation Motto.

Rev. Banda said segregation on tribal lines should be discouraged and appealed to the conscience of its proponents to desist from tribalism.

“The tribe remarks that are going on in the country are a danger to our peace and unity. Tribalism should be the dirtiest word on the Zambian political arena and nowhere near a patriotic mature politician. Tribal politics actuate toxicity in the political life of a Nation. We, therefore, discourage tribal politics and appeal to the conscience of its proponents to desist from tribalism. The tribe’s remarks have the potential of tearing this Nation apart. Stop these little tribal imaginations against others. There should be no “you are from that part of the country or that” mentality. We are One Zambia One Nation. The Church continues encouraging the President of the Republic of Zambia with the agenda of uniting the nation,” Rev. Banda said.

He said the church is encouraging all Zambians to promote the One Zambia One Nation motto introduced by the first government of late President Kenneth Kaunda.

“Face with tribal politics in Zambia is that it may morph political leanings into social identities, creating political morass, gridlock and decay, which hamper National development. If this is left un-condemned by many Zambians it may bring about fear, anxiety, and prejudice, all of which can make citizens more open to fake news, propaganda and conflict. Therefore the church encourages all Zambians to promote one Zambia one nation,” Rev. Banda said.

Opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali recently insisted that former Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya is a victim of tribalism and abuse in President Hakainde Hichilema’s government.

He said Mr. Bwalya, who has been sent to Tanzania as Deputy Ambassador, was appointed just to cover up the tribal trait of President Hichilema.

“This is my strong opinion formed after a critical analysis of what is happening in this Government, I have no doubt in my mind that President Hichilema is very tribal and he is running the worst tribal Government which we have ever had since independence. Yes, he was the Presidential spokesperson, but just by title; otherwise he was a President Chibombe-bombe. He was sent away from the President and State House. He did very little of the job of Presidential Spokesperson as we know it. Many other Bemba’s (Generically speaking) and Easterners are going through the same situation that Anthony went through, but like Anthony, they can say it publicly, because they are scared to lose their bread and butter. While Anthony was arranging his office, another guy was appointed in his office and created a position for him as Media Director. This media director is largely in-charge of everything around the President’s PR and Anthony has been under this man called Hamasaka. Imagine for a moment how frustrated Anthony could have been. Anthony was basically fired, but to cover up their tribalism, they gave him a lower position in Tanzania and congratulated him as if it is a promotion,” Mr. Tayali charged.


  1. The most dangerous are those that are practicing it but the heat has been turned on those that are pointing it out. Isn’t that the worst hypocrisy? So in this case the clergy has made an empty misguided call. Just be bold and point out the real evil

  2. I am convinced we are not alike and will never be. We are dealing with thieves and crooked people who just Yesterday they never condemned their relative who practiced tribal genocide against us. Today they are pointing fingers at the Victim who is trying to correct the mess.

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