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12 suspects apprehended for attempting to sell a 17 year old male living with albinism


12 suspects have been arrested at Mongu Central Police in Western Province for attempting to sell a 17 year old male living with albinism.

Western Province Police Commissioner, Fwambo Siame confirmed having the suspects in police custody to ZANIS in Mongu district in a phone interview.

And in a statement issued to the media by Zambia Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, he revealed that the 12 suspects include four teachers, a school matron aged 53, a nurse aged 33,a taxi driver, and two men who work in a barbershop in Sefula, Mongu district.

Danny Mwale revealed that police recovered 12 cellular phones which were used for communication by the suspects and some medicines which were labeled as ‘Diazepam’ which after interrogations the suspects disclosed that the medicine was intended to be given to the victim once he was captured.

He disclosed that The suspects were all picked on February 4th,2023 between 01:00 hours and 04:00 hours in Sefula, Mongu District.

Police investigations indicate that the plot to traffic the named albino pupil who is a learner at Sefula combined school for the blind in Mongu district of Western Province started in October 2022 and that a picture of the victim was sent to purported buyers in Lusaka.

Zambia police however said that investigations in this matter are still underway.


    • Imagine! And they are supposed to have some education!! “four teachers, a school matron aged 53, a nurse” ! So greedy they want to kill some innocent person. We want very harsh sentences when they ARe convicted.


  2. When superstition extends to supposed educators, what on earth can u do to govern the country effectively? Just who do you trust?

    • Its a country of superstition. Its in the blood. Have you forgotten how police failed to catch a suspect because he kept turning into a cat?

  3. We all need money badly but there is a limit to what extent one can go to obtain it. This is far worse than robing a bank…far far worse.

  4. So so so sad. This sheer backwardness and evil heartedness. A teacher, matron and nurse? What has this country decayed to?

  5. Hv we become a country where so long you hv money then u can get a anyone to do anything? Whatever happened to the supposed Christian values? U cannot trust the clergy, u cannot trust teachers, u cannot trust nurses.

  6. By the way can the police, ICTA, ACC and MTN find the illiterate thug who uses 0962148350 to send the following message ” Indalama sha C.D.F na Youth impowerment nashifuma tumeni REG number yenu mupokeko ulupiya. Tumeni phone”. This illiterate thug will cheat illiterate people.

  7. Never we had heartless people of this magnitude in this nation . Its sad to see 4 teachers and a matron involved . the people tasked to protect the children. I

  8. This case is as bad as the one committed by Chishimba Kambwili, both need to go to our courts for justice to be heard and seen.

  9. That’s the problem when we have motivational speakers as leaders….now people all they think about is money money money….even if it means killing someone

  10. Superstition is perpetuated by our Ng’angas and thrives on ignorance. May be the country should ban the practice of witchdoctors. These are ones giving such requirements for riches. In my view, anyone purporting to use supernatural powers should not be allowed.

  11. @ Gunner+in+Zambia
    It’s, ‘dog eat dog’ these days in a “supposedly” Christian country. People are compartmentalizing their lifestyles. One, devoted to Church attendance & seeming to be pious, whilst the rest firmly immersed in wickedness. Truly two-faced; and all thanks to greed!

  12. There is bigger problem … why nobody is not interesting to make a noise as 8 sick people from Croatia comes and buy small black children. One of these people was woman, than man (heterosexual) … majority of them to not have proper address in passport, and they already had passport for poor children … Why you are silent? This children never meet these people …wake up people!

  13. @BLM EU
    Thats the problem when you have a puppet of the West as a President….HH is scared of his funders being the west so he cant do anything to Bazungu

  14. @BLM EU
    So you should know that HH is corrupt and he is in control of the Judiciary…no wonder he fired my good friend Lilian Siyuni….Bazungu are busy committing serious crimes in Zambia but HH is busy giving them a free pass…remember the IMF director is from Eastern Europe

  15. They say Zambia is a Christian Nation. Far from it as the proclamation itself had political motives at its root(FTJ vs KK)
    The truth is that Animist and traditional beliefs are still dominant in Zambia.
    Christianity is just a cover up for those deep rooted animist beliefs such as witchcraft.

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