Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Transient home for ex-convicts opened in Lusaka


The Prisoners Reintegration and Empowerment Organization has established an ex-convict’s transient home in Lusaka’s Matero township to help stranded former inmates.

Organisation Executive Director, Derrick Malumo said the transient home has the capacity to house 30 ex-convicts at a time.

Mr Malumo said the former inmates will only be expected to live at the home for not more than 6 months so that others can be accommodated.

He told ZANIS that the organization will help ex-convicts to be reintegrated with their families and the communities at large.

Mr Malumo added that the transient home will also ensure that former inmates refrain from committing crime after being released.

He called on stakeholders, families, and the government to work with the organization in order to make the project a success.

He urged government to also employ qualified ex-convicts as well as support them through empowerment funds.

“Government can employ some ex-convicts who have academic qualifications, the elderly can benefit from social cash transfer while the others can benefit from the other empowerment funds government is providing. This will help them not commit crime again,” he said.

There is currently one ex-convict being housed at the transient home although it will be officially launched in May, 2023.

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