Friday, June 14, 2024

First Lady donates mealie meal, blankets to flood victims


First Lady Mutinta Hichilema has donated 2,000 bags of mealie meal weighing 25 kilograms each and 300 blankets to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

The donated items are meant for flood victims across the country.

Mrs Hichilema said her office is aware of the adverse effects flash floods which have caused damage to crops and affected over 66,000 households.

She said during the handover ceremony that the flood situation has also led to the loss of property and livelihoods as many families have been displaced and are now living in temporary shelters.

The First Lady has since commended government through DMMU for working tirelessly in coordinating the disaster relief effort around the flood affected areas.

“In the spirit of oneness, we are all affected by the loss. It is therefore important for us to come together to help our brothers and sisters who have found themselves in this desperate situation,” she said

Mrs Hichilema has also thanked the Chinese embassy in Zambia and Chenguang Biotech Agri-Development (CBAD) for providing her office with the relief items, which she donated to DMMU today.

And Chinese Embassy in Zambia Charge de Affaires, Meng Hao, said the embassy is saddened by the continued floods caused by heavy rains.

Dr Hao said Zambia and China have over the years shared cordial relations and have stood by each other in times of hardships.

He said he is looking forward to more future collaboration with the First Lady’s Office in helping the needy in Zambia.

Meanwhile, DMMU National Coordinator, Gabriel Pollen, thanked the Mrs Hichilema for coming to the aid of the flood victims.

Dr Pollen however called on the corporate institutions to emulate the First Lady and donate to the needy people in the country.

He assured the Mrs Hichilema that the donated items will be delivered to the intended beneficiaries.


  1. Your husbandis increasing fuel and yet expecting cost of living to reduce. Here you are donating peanuts

    We need to sue UNZA for producing such a useless graduate

  2. All these type of donations should be discouraged they just lead to corruption… why cant the Chinese embassy in Zambia and Chenguang Biotech Agri-Development (CBAD) donate directly to DMMU. We know that Mutinta has not created a charity which is a plus but if she starts recieving such donations under to her “office” it will be no different to the Hope Foundations, Mpundu Trust, the Ester Lungu Charity …that disappeared immediately their husbands left State House.

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