Friday, February 23, 2024

GPZ President Slams New Dawn Government’s Decision to Give Kenyan Farmers 20,000 Hectares of Land in Zambia


New Dawn Government’s decision to allocate 20,000 hectares of land for maize farming to Kenyan farmers has come under fire from GPZ President, Silavwe Jackson. In a press statement released on March 14, 2023, Jackson accused the Hakainde Hichilema administration of being reckless and unpatriotic.

Jackson described the move as a betrayal to the Zambian people, adding that the New Dawn Government was grossly out of touch with local economic realities on the ground. He further stated that the decision to give the land to Kenyan farmers was equivalent to replicating the structure of the mining sector in the agriculture sector.

Instead, Jackson urged the government to empower and give the farm block to young Zambians who could in turn grow the maize for the Kenyan market. This, he said, would create massive employment opportunities and keep money within Zambia.

Alternatively, Jackson suggested that the 20,000 hectares farm block could be given to the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to farm for exports, not only to Kenya but also to the larger African market. This, he said, would bring in foreign exchange and create employment opportunities.

Another option presented by Jackson was for the New Dawn Government to secure the Kenyan maize market on behalf of mobilized Zambian farmers to service the market directly. This strategic move, he said, would still create employment, bring in foreign exchange and expand capacity for local farmers.

Finally, Jackson suggested that the New Dawn Government could court Kenyan farmers to finance a strategic collaboration or joint venture with Zambian farmers. This joint venture would benefit the local economy and achieve food security for Kenya while still supporting Zambian farmers.

In conclusion, Jackson urged the Hichilema administration not to go ahead with the allocation of land to Kenyan farmers. Instead, he called on the government to spin the deal in favour of indigenous local farmers while meeting the objective of helping Kenyan farmers.

The statement was issued on behalf of the GPZ party and signed by Silavwe Jackson, President of GPZ.


  1. Seriously though, how can you do this? Some of us have been looking for farmland for ages, but nothing. There are lots of local farmers who want to get into commercial farming but land is not easily available. Why are foreigners favoured more than locals?

    • These will be large farms whose input needs would make an agricultural supply retail business viable in economically depressed areas such as Mpika, Chinsali and Luwingu. They will certainly not grow maize only but other crops for sale in Zambia to help pay for monthly bills. All this would boost local economies.

  2. No chance for opposition pf to bounce back to power because of their bad leadership style , during their reign the wholly promoted violence through cadresim , tribal remarks coated with insults , selective justice aimed at the opposition , nepotism wako wako , in pf it was extreamly difficult to send a child to school because school fund was beyond reach for the ordinary zambian , viva HH ,VIVA UPND ,

  3. It’s not true. Zambia has abundant land. It’s only that you all want farmland next to Lusaka. Even near Lusaka Virgin land abounds but most of you want to find already cultivated land with harvests awaiting you. Use your initiative! Both business and economic initiative.

  4. Haha we warned you. Even those that voted for him are suffering and bearing the brunt of his failures. Do the right thing in 2026. Vote pf..pamaka fye

  5. Stop being afroxenophobes! If the land is lying idle it doesn’t matter who comes to develop it. Its even better if our Kenyan brethren come in. Had the land been given to Britons you would have been very silent because you trust muzungus but hate those of your skin

  6. Land is a renewable resource. They’re not taking it to Kenya but will farm it right here in Zambia at a fee. Why do you allow foreigners to use your roads? Why do you allow foreigners to mine your minerals which are not even renewable?


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