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If the law allows Edgar Lungu to stand in 2026 let him do so, and defeat him at the polls-M’membe


Socialist President Fred M’membe has called for a more respectful and democratic approach to political discourse. In a statement, M’membe criticized the use of “uncouth” and “seriously lacking in civility” language by some members of the United Party for National Development (UPND), particularly towards former President Edgar Lungu.

M’membe, who has himself been a victim of political persecution under the Lungu regime, argued that Hichilema and other opposition leaders should still respect Lungu’s human, constitutional, and legal rights, despite any personal animosity they may feel towards him. He pointed to the Christian teaching of loving one’s enemies as a model for how politicians should behave towards those they disagree with.

“There is no doubt that Mr Hakainde Hichilema and many in the UPND have very good reasons to detest or even hate Mr Edgar Lungu. They were badly treated and brutalised by him and his regime. Mr Lungu was cruel to his opponents, to those who were not with him. I was a victim of his cruelty and that of his league. It’s not easy to forget such things and forgive,” M’membe said in his statement.

However, M’membe stressed that even in the face of such mistreatment, it is important to remember that all individuals have basic human rights that must be respected. “Mr Hichilema may harbour a lot of hatred and anger towards Mr Lungu and he is entitled to. But Mr Lungu is still a human being with human, constitutional, and legal rights,” he said.

M’membe went on to argue that the use of disrespectful language towards political opponents is “contrary to Christian teachings, liberal democratic values, and the rule of law.” He called for a more respectful and civil approach to political discourse, even when dealing with those who may be seen as enemies.

“To love our enemies we must have them in the first place. It’s very easy to love your friends and it doesn’t need much effort. What’s difficult is to love your enemies and that requires much effort, much humanity,” M’membe said.

“Let Mr Lungu enjoy his rights to the full as long as he acts within the law. If the law allows him to stand in 2026 let him do so, and defeat him at the polls, ‘ he concluded


  1. “…….Lungu was cruel to his opponents, to those who were not with him. I was a victim of his cruelty and that of his league. It’s not easy to forget……”

    We know lungu paid you off handsomely for destroying the post……….

    We know you were paid off towards 2021 with conditions to not attack Mr lungu then and in the future ……..

  2. If Edgar Lungu wants to contest the 2026 presidential election, he doesn’t need HH’s approval to do so. Let him run and lose again.

  3. We hope and pray for PF to adopt lungu for president………..

    Zambians will finally consign PF to history dustbins………….

    As we said numerous times before 2021 elections ……..

    There is no way lungu can win anything without violence and bribery………….

  4. There is no contest to ECL standing. Let him do so please. In the meantime we want him to pay back all the monies he has earned while masquerading as a retired politician. The law is clear, only when the former president is out of active politics do they earn their free eternal former president benefits.

  5. Lungu is not standing. Hakainde is just feeling uncomfortable when he sees large crowds around Lungu. Hakainde is panicking because all what he thought he would make better is becoming worse instead. Hakainde is worried by the show of strength by the PF during the past two celebrations viz Women and Youth days.
    Hakainde should just work hard…we say one who enters a bush should not be scared by the rustling of leaves.

    • @Deja Vu. After seeing what happened in Ndola and Chingola, UPND and ‘Mr Kutumpa’ are already soiling their pants…And it’s not even 2 years yet. Hehehehehehe

  6. Don’t try and create an issue where there isn’t one. Nobody has said Lungu cannot stand in 2026. He is free to do so – if the constitution so permits. What is being objected to is his masquerading as a retired politician and collecting government salary while engaging in active politics. He is also being called out for hiding behind the pulpit and the robes of shameless bishops to issue snide remarks meant to ridicule the very people he once brutalised and oppressed. If he were to renounce his political retirement and continue his brand of politics, I doubt anyone would care to bar him.

  7. Leadership is not easy. A good leader is one who listens. God put ears beside our head for a purpose. He wanted the ears not to be disturbed by any other part of the body. You go to Kariba, instead of listening to engineers, you start yapping. In the end, you lied that Kariba was leaking. The only problem with HH, he talks a lot.In the end, he makes mistakes.He needs to make use of his ears not always the mouth.

  8. What are democratic principles? People are free to participate and contest any position of their choice,if they so qualify, meet the requirements. Donald Trump is still participating in USA politics. People are the one who choose leaders of their choice.

  9. The current government provides Lungu some benefits based on his claiming that he is no longer in active politics. So the current government is in order when they get concerned with Lungu issuing partisan inclined comments in public and when he attends church services. Lungu wants double tobela.. enjoy the benefits of a retired president while also issuing partisan inclined comments.. A responsible government adhering to the provision of the constitution should indeed be concerned with this conduct of former president Lungu.

    • Has Lungu said he’s standing? No. All this is because people expect Lungu to be a lonely soul as he walks the streets. Remember the fact that you hate a person doesn’t mean there no other people who love that person.

  10. Even him standing in 2021 was illegal as that was going for third term when he had already completed two terms. The court favored him that time because he was ruling so they had no choice but to tow the party line. This time there is no way any court will now allow him to stand for a third when he is already out of power. In conclusion, he is not standing.


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