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President Hichilema inducts 30 special forces officers, gets soaked in the process


President Hakainde Hichilema has inducted 29 commissioned officers and one regular soldier of the Zambia Army officers as special forces operatives.

Earlier, the President braved the rains and inspected the guard on parade mounted by the special forces. President Hichilema has since urged the thirty inducted special forces personnel to exercise high levels of discipline and professionalism. According to reports, President Hakainde Hichilema got soaked during a heavy downpour that occurred while he was officiating at the graduation parade mounted by the Zambia Army Special Forces (commandos) in Mbala.

The Presidential security detail produced an umbrella to shield him from the rains as he was inspecting the guard of honour but, the President refused.

The president said the country expects a dedicated and disciplined defense force which is ready to serve the country with dignity.

He has also urged the special forces officers to help in the maintenance of peace in nation, region and the world as a whole.

President Hichilema said this during the induction parade of the 30 officers of the special forces at the Special Forces Training School in Mbala district.

Mr Hichilema has meanwhile pledged government’s commitment to continue supporting the training of special forces in the country.

And the President has commended the special forces officers for maintaining high standards of strength during training.

He said government is aware of the challenging training that the special forces operative go through in a bid to provide security to the country.

President Hichilema said the training was challenging but the trainees persevered to achieve their goal.

He has since assured the special forces training school that government will ensure that concrete is put on the parade square and complete the infrastructure at the institution.

And Minister of Defence, Ambrose Lufuma, thanked the President for the support he has continued to give to the ministry.

Mr Lufuma also praised the President for enabling officers in peace keeping mission to receive their full allowances.

Meanwhile, Zambia Army Commander, Sitali Alibuzwi, thanked government for its support towards the special forces.

Lieutenant General Alibuzwi said the officers were transformed into special forces operative and are ready to undertake different assignments.

He also stated that the training was challenging but the objectives were met.

He said the aim of the training was to ensure that the trainees are transformed into special forces operators.

The Zambia Army Commander has since assured the President that the special forces operatives will be available whenever they are called upon to aid the civil authority in response to disaster and other national calamities.

And Special Forces Training School Commandant, Kenneth Ngulube, said the command expects more trainees to go for specialised training.

Lieutenant Colonel Ngulube said the officers that were being inducted today have undergone specialised training and he is positive that they will perform to expectation.

He also encouraged the trainees to make sure they perform their duties with pride.

The special forces also demonstrated tactical skills in unarmed combat, gymnastics, tactical shooting, VIP protection and rescue mission.

A total of 33 officers initially volunteered to undergo specialised training but one stopped while another one died and the third one was injured.

Five of the special forces operatives among the graduates were awarded in different categories for displaying outstand skills.


  1. He has the brain of a soaked gold fish.

    How do you go for military drills in a suit?

    Trying so hard to be Obama

  2. Sorry, Mr. President. Hard luck. One must never get drenched, soaked, in indoor suits: worse for the executive office suit!
    You should have put on a combat, martial uniform, or tracksuit if you meant military business at the Special Operative ceremony .

  3. What kind of presidential escort doesn’t look up the weather for the day… doesn’t even carry an eagle1 umbrella when the forecast predicts rains.

    Choose 1 option:
    a) Escort is absolutely useless
    b) Publicity stunt


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