Monday, June 17, 2024

New Dawn Government seeks to extend social security coverage to workers in the informal sector in Zambia


Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri has said the New Dawn Government is looking forward to the quick implementation of the planned extension of social security coverage safety net to workers in the informal sector.

Napsa has joined efforts with stakeholders among them market associations, Workers Compensation, MTN Zambia and NHIMA to sensitize and register players in the informal sector for social protection.

The targeted informal sector players include marketeers, traders, saw millers, bus drivers, small-scale farmers and taxi drivers.

Officiating as guest of honour during the joint field stakeholder engagement activities in Ndola, Mr. Phiri said social security is a basic human right for all.

“These strategic partnerships will surely enhance the implementations of interventions aimed at extending social security coverage to the informal sector. Let me hasten to say that social security is in fact a basic human right for all. This therefore is an important intervention in the quest to extend social security coverage to the informal sector. It is the desire of the republican president, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his new dawn government to improve peoples’ lives. Therefore, strengthening national social protection systems to cover workers in all forms of employment, including those in self-employment, is a key element of reaching universal, comprehensive, and adequate social protection coverage. As government, we will be on hand to ensure that you successfully undertake your mission here in the province so that our people can benefit from the schemes. i want to assure you that we are available to help you resolve any challenges you may face,” Mr. Phiri said.

“As you might be aware, most people who are in the informal sector in Ndola do not have any form of pension or social security system, and this program by yourselves is therefore timely. Allow me to emphasize this point, that it is the desire of this government under the able leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema for all citizens in this country, whether in the informal or informal sector, to participate in some form of future savings such as pension schemes to avoid old age poverty. We have seen how many people in this country, including some of our family members who are struggling to earn a living. We are looking forward to the successful implementation of this programme so that members of the informal sector groups here in Ndola namely, domestic workers, bus and taxi drivers, marketeers, Sawmillers, and small-scale farmers will be registered by NAPSA, NHIMA and WCFCB,” Mr. Phiri continued.

Mr. Phiri said the informal sector in Zambia remains a key pillar in development as it contributes significantly to the country’s domestic product.

He said social security is aimed at improving the livelihoods of thousands of people and protecting them from various predicaments that include old age, injuries and sickness.

“I would like to call on Ndola residents and all the informal sector workers in our province to ensure that you register with Napsa, Nhima and WCFCB. Embracing this important initiative will change your lives for the better. I wish to call on Napsa, Nhima and Wcfcb not to relent but continue spreading the good news of social security aimed at improving the livelihoods of thousands of people and protecting them from various predicaments that we face, including old age, injuries, sickness, death, and other challenges due to lack of social security. I have no doubt in my mind that mass sensitization will be embraced and change the course of social security coverage in our city going forward. This intervention by you will provide much-needed information to our people and give them an opportunity for a dignified life during and after retirement, continue developing strategies and initiatives to drive the programme for the extension of coverage to the informal sector,” Mr. Phiri said.


  1. Any updates on Napsa partial withdraw. Civil servants need to be relieved from high interest rates lending institutions are giving them.

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