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Zambians are Angry with UPND – Frank Ng’ambi


POVERTY levels have risen in the country and there is growing disenchantment among citizens and the UPND government and President Hakainde Hichilema should be ready to exit because Zambians are ready another change of government, the Patriotic Front has said.

Frank Ng’mbi, the PF’s chairman for industry says the UPND and President Hichilema should not worry about losing power in 2026 as Zambians have already resolved to vote the ruling party out of government because.

Dr Ng’ambi claimed that the UPND administration WAS not only exhibited second-rate leadership, but has also been divisive, with the policies which were not in the interest of the people with worsened the poverty and hunger levels in various communities.

Dr Ng’ambi Ng’ambi said, instead of fearing losing power in 2026, President Hichilema should feel proud that Zambians gave him the opportunity to lead as republican President, but should also appreciate the fact that many were disappointed because the head of State had performed dismally in delivering his promises.
He said in interview in Kitwe that President Hichilema should focus on resolving economic challenges the country and work at reducing tension that has gripped the country as a result of the threats against former President Edgar Lungu.

Dr Ng’ambi said President Hichilema should not worry about how strong and popular the PF was becoming but should be concerned about his inability to meet the expectations of the many Zambians who voted for the UPND.

He stated that what should preoccupy President Hichilema should be the shortage of essential medicines and other medical supplies in the country’s health facilities and not insulting former President Lungu for going to church.

Dr Ng’ambi said what President Hichilema should know was that it was not Kutumpa (being stupid) for former President Lungu to go to church and that the former head of State was not under house arrest for President Hichilema to restrict his public appearances.

“President Hichilema should not be emotional and worry about losing power in 2026. President Hichilema should not be the one to decide who should challenge by decreeing that he will never allow former President Lungu to return to power. Let President Hichilema not worry about losing power in 2026 because Zambians have already resolved to vote him out and bring back the PF because Zambians have realized it was a caring government.”

“Emotional outbursts and threats against former President Lungu and other PF leaders will not reduce the cost of living. President Hichilema has failed to live to his campaign promises of reducing mealie meal to K50 per 25kilogramme bag, reducing fertiliser from K650 to K250 per 50kilogramme bag.

The bag of mealie meal is now almost K200, while that of fertiliser is more than K1, 000. He should not vent his frustration or anger or ECL. No,’’ Dr Ng’ambi said

Dr Ng’ambi said President Hichilema should concentrate on finding solutions to the problems and challenges the country was facing as opposed to making frequent international trips at the cost of Zambians.

He said the people of the Copperbelt were expecting President Hichilema to make definitive pronouncements when he was on the Copperbelt for seven days but that it was disappointing that the head of State had not made any decision on the two giant mining companies in Konkola Copper Mines (KCAM) and Mopani Copper Mines (MCM).


  1. I’ve never heard these useless PF chaps talk about the exchange rate all they yap about is bush economics…why don’t you PF crooks talk about the exchange rate? It is because you are part and part of the problem…you crooks are hoarding millions of USD and it is to your benefit that that the Kwacha becomes weak. In Zambia we are truelly cursed with such a terrible and incompetent opposition, I believe our only hope is Fred Mmembe and the Socialist party who are able to articulate economic matters in a logical and practical manner not these populist PF clowns.

  2. Kuntumpa uko kwacha as gone besek,mealie meal, corruption of Lusaka-Ndola road,fuel, saladi we are tired something must be done please mmmmmmm too much poverty.

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