Friday, June 14, 2024

Kayula Lombanya bounces back as North West Chamber President, promises to focus on SME growth


Banker Kayula Lombanya has been re-elected President of the influential North Western Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ms. Lombanya polled 70 votes against her rival Edgar Makaliki who only managed 33 votes in elections held in Solwezi on Saturday at Floriana Lodge.

The fresh vote was called weeks after the national secretariat nullified Ms. Lombanya’s earlier election citing alleged irregularities.

Amos Kapi was elected Vice President-Industry and Manufacturing ,Magrate Phiri was elected Vice President-Trade and Commerce while Stanley Musemangeji came in as Treasurer and Sichalwe kachinga was elected Vice President-Services.

Others elected were Chisola Sangambo, Collins Mweemba,Twambo Imbula and Jemin Lusek lo Mulusa as members at large.

And delivering her victory speech, Ms. Lombanya said that her administration will prioritize the promotion of the SME sector describing it as the engine of the economy.

She also revealed that the chamber will create a foundation for a sustainable economy in the Province in order to respond to the growing population of people in North Western Province which is currently at 2.6% per year.

Ms. Lombanya said the Chamber will work in line with the Eighth National Development Plan by embracing President Hakainde Hichilema’s vision of transforming the economy and promoting diversification.


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  1. You post a picture of a young woman you call her Miss but you dont tell us her age…which is most important and should be celebrated for an up and coming individual.

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