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ZUNO welcomes Agreement to allow Zambian Health Workers work in Angola


The Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) has welcomed the agreement between Zambia and Angola to have Zambian health workers work in that country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, ZUNO Secretary General, Fray Michelo, said the move will create increased employment opportunities for many health workers who are graduating from health institutions in Zambia.

Mr Michelo noted that this will also provide Angola with well trained and skilled health workers who will deliver quality services especially that the two countries have the similar disease burdens and epidemiological set up.

He pointed out that the two governments should ensure that the health workers who will migrate from Zambia to Angola are well oriented with the conditions of service in terms of social protection.

He said the Angolan government should ensure that pension, benefits and treatment of Zambian health workers are clearly spelled out from the initial; agreements.

“Since the agreement is between government to government, we hope to see that the Zambian health workers are well oriented in terms of language and culture before they go to Angola because culture shock and language barrier can negatively affect someone’s work performance,” observed Mr Michelo.

He added that the Ministry of Health should also ensure that health workers migrating to another country do not result to a shortage of skilled health personnel in Zambia as the country’s population is growing.

“We know that health centres are being rehabilitated and upgraded to level one hospitals across the country. We hope that the Ministry of Health will ensure that we do not have a shortage of skilled health workers here at home as our Health workers migrate in search of greener pasture,” he said.

The Ministry of Health in Zambia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health of Angola aimed at employing Zambian health workers in that country.

The MoU was signed in Lusaka Zambia on March, 28, 2023.


  1. We need FOREX and FOREX is earned by the export of goods and services, we need more export of Zambian skilled personnel. Teachers, Engineers, IT Technicians, Agronomists, Lawyers, Artisans, Medical personnel these are skilled talent pools we have an abundance of that we can facilitate the placement in both neighboring nations and abroad places such as in the UK, USA, Canada etc. Doing this will be to the betterment of the individuals and their families plus the nation as a whole which will benefit from FOREX remittances back home.

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