Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Why is the U.S. promotion of democracy viewed with suspicion?: An interview with Fred Mmembe



  1. Fred, you are trending on social media. Continue to offer checks and balances to the blind. Zambians need to be reminded of the struggle for independence and the reason why we celebrate each year. Our careless leaders think that selling your own backyard is smart business. We have survived just fine by ourselves, we don’t need the American fake dream which is based on stealing your freedoms to save a few individuals.

  2. Cold War era thinking.The world has evolved or changed greatly since then.
    In the new world order, China and Russia are even more capitalist oriented than the USA itself.Communism and socialism is virtually dead.Only exists in the minds of a few.
    Fred forgot to talk about the Super Yachts and massive personal wealth of leaders such as Putin. Furthermore, his much loved communist country of Cuba voted in national referendum to allow gay marriages.
    People around the world are more informed now than in the past. You cant cheat them anymore.

    • What about the super oil deals by the Bush family? The lucrative deals by Blair, a war criminal who is roaming our state house freely in search of more destruction? Think before you start spreading fake narratives which have proved to be so destructive to the human race. I am a humanist who believes in equal opportunities for all.

    • I don’t entirely agree with you but for you to say China and Russia are more capitalists than the USA is a bit of a lousy joke. If they’re,then why do they disagree on almost everything? The problem is that the US has self imposed itself as universal police and everyone should start thinking everything American is better than everything else.WRONG … we’re all better in our own ways.Just because we choose to be different from them doesn’t make us any infirior than they are themselves. Please try debushing your brain. This is not the Cold war world of years ago. Wise up big guy

    • FutureZed, the Bush family lives in a capitalist country where individuals have all the freedoms, including the freedom to start and own one’s business. Putin and his colleagues have amassed their wealth corruptly. And you have no evidence of Tony Blair’s corruption. About “democracy”: Fred M’membe knows that there is no such a thing as “democracy” in Russia, Cuba, China, and other socialist / communist countries. He sound like someone who has so much respect for, and worships, dictators. Ask him to go to any of such countries and speak ill of their governments and find out where he will end up — in jail, or worse …

  3. Iwe chi Fred good governance is money and the economy number one what comes next is secondary. We want Zambia’s economy to improve and we need it to improve now…if it’s China helping us thanks ba China but if it USA thanks as well….who ever is serious come and help us in Zambia we need your assistance like yesterday no need to be confrontational with USA.

  4. Look who the interview is with. it is with CCTN which is the propaganda arm of the Chinese government. These people are not democrats or democratic, neither is Fred Mmembe.
    They both hate democracy. Fred Mmembe is just talking nonsense.
    Fred Mmembe is now a useful mouthpiece for the Chinese.

  5. Zambia is a rich country which does not need the US or Europe to prosper because God has blessed us with everything we need apart from loving ourselves. We keep looking outside for the things we already have internally. We need to stop this nonsense of always relying on other people to do things for us.

  6. kkkkk pipo pipo pipo hold your fire.This time we are in a confused state,no one can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is all dark, as the saying new down.

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