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Zambia and Mozambique to Collaborate on Railway and Pipeline Projects, says President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent state visit to Mozambique has been a significant step towards strengthening bilateral cooperation and enhancing economic activities between Zambia and Mozambique. During his three-day visit, President Hichilema toured the Port of Beira, which he described as Zambia’s shortest route to the eastern coast.

“We wanted to experience what it offers to our country and the region especially at this time we are optimizing on the benefits of being land-linked. We were very impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment and excellent services, and we have no doubt that the Port of Beira offers the best alternative and a cost-effective route for our imports and exports,” President Hichilema said.

President Hichilema’s visit to the Port of Beira highlights the importance of infrastructure development in the transportation sector, particularly in improving connectivity between Zambia and Mozambique. To achieve this, the President emphasized the need to rehabilitate the road infrastructure between Beira and Chanida/Casacatiza to meet the increasing cargo conveyance between the two countries.

“Under the regional initiative of the AfDB led financial framework, Zambia and Mozambique should work together to extend the Railway connection between the Port of Beira and Zambia via Lion’s Den in Zimbabwe. We will also explore the possibility of constructing a gas and oil pipeline along the same route,” President Hichilema added.

The President’s proposals for infrastructure development in the transportation sector have the potential to create new opportunities for investment and job creation in the region. As he noted, “The railway and pipeline projects will not only increase transportation efficiency but will also create new opportunities for investment and job creation in the region. This will enable the region to realize its full potential in trade and investment.”

In addition to improving transportation infrastructure, President Hichilema also proposed the establishment of Dry Port facilities in Beira and Nacala to facilitate the movement of cargo destined for Zambia from Mozambique. This initiative is expected to reduce logistical challenges faced by traders and ultimately lead to increased trade between the two countries.

President Hichilema’s visit to Mozambique underscores the need for African countries to work together towards achieving regional integration, enhancing trade and investment, and promoting economic development. As he noted, “Africa needs to start trading more with itself. We have a lot to offer each other, and we should work together to build a more prosperous and equitable future for all our citizens.”

President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to Mozambique marks an important milestone in Zambia’s efforts to deepen its relationship with Mozambique and boost economic cooperation between the two countries. By focusing on infrastructure development, particularly in the transportation sector, President Hichilema has demonstrated his commitment to promoting regional integration and building a more prosperous future for Zambia and Mozambique.


  1. Now this what you call a state visit…………

    Very important decisions and initiatives looked at for the benefit of zambia……..

    Not just taking caders for joy rides as used to happen and having hangovers the next morning…………

  2. Talk is cheap… Edgar Lungu was very practical and he talked less. How many trips so far 42! In less than 2 years … The madilu system government.

    • Lungu just used to sign presidential visitors books when making presidential visits………

      Nothing of substance……….

    • Edgar Lungu was more practical? Bwaa hahahaha! Any practical Zambian President would have restored the country to where it was in 1964 to 1968: No shortages, No inflation, No cholera, No potholes, No unemployment, No shanties, No Presidential motorcades that killed people. Lungu talked less because nonsense came out of his mouth. Like when he tried to explain uubomba mwibala

  3. It looks like we are biting off more than we can chew.

    Am sure we already have the Lobito pipeline constructed and running, don’t we?

    Where is the 1000km long Tanzania-Zambia Gas pipeline that was promised?

    How do we talk of Mozambique rail when our own current structures, ZR and Tazara, are dilapidated and abandoned?

  4. Firstly, good of the President to travel with his wife. I like that. Secondly, good that he hasn’t borrowed another jet but used the old challenger.
    At this point I don’t believe these talks of collaboration with our neighbouring countries. They have been going on since time immemorial. We are in a region where Angola still imports maize, beans, chicken and other foods from Brazil.

    • Thirdly, his wife knows how to dress. She is proud to be an African while the husband is not. He is mentally enslaved. He cant see himself wearing anything other than what the white man prescribed as civilised dress: Jacket and tie. Learn something from Kaunda, Nyerere even Lungu dumped those suits after realising they are a sign of mental slavery.

    • Brainwashed Africans. They dont want to corperate among themselves. They think they have to trade with Europe but not with each other.

  5. This man dreams a lot. He runs to Qatar ati USD 5 billion investment coming, runs to Angola ati pipeline and roads coming, runs to Mozambique ati another pipeline and roads. Keep dreaming while 2026 gets closer..

  6. Forget this. Namibia has given us a freeport. We need to develop it. Namibia has a small population and needs business to make that port viable. We can help them and they can help us. It is time to build a railway line from Northwestern Province to Kazungula, and from Kazungula to Walvis bay, or the railway line can run through Mongu to Sesheke, and to Walvis Bay

  7. This one must be the most hardworking president for his bosses ba zungu. I think they will reward him with another term in office and if things go to plan, they may even ask him to change the constitution so that he can run for a third term as compensation for the other election loses.

  8. First it was Namibia oil pipeline, then Angola, then using Zim pipeline for petrol only and now Mozambique oil pipeline. Which one is serious?

  9. Those positive initiatives. Infrustracture is the key. Continue where ECL left.. You moving in the positive direction. Forward we go

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