Friday, February 23, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema’s press team misspells his name


Misspelling the name of President Hichilema on an official document may not necessarily have significant legal consequences, but it could still have negative implications for the credibility and professionalism of the press team and the administration as a whole.

A spelling error could create confusion and ambiguity about the identity of the President, which could undermine the legitimacy of the document and the authority of the President. It could also reflect poorly on the attention to detail and quality control of the press team, which may erode public trust in the competence and reliability of the administration.

Zambians have been left wondering at the caliber of the team surrounding the president,with some calling it incompetence at the highest order.

Therefore, it is important for the press team to correct the error promptly and issue a corrected version of the document to ensure accuracy and clarity. They should also take measures to prevent similar errors in the future, such as proofreading and editing protocols, quality assurance checks, and training on writing and communication best practices.


  1. This should not come as a surprise. They arefailing in everything. We warned you that upnd were under 5s. You didn’t listen. See now

  2. This shows you the level of unprofessionalism our press and media as a whole in Zambia is at. Gone are the UNIP days when to be a journalist you would have had to have a diploma in Journalism from Evelyn Hone or a Degree from the School of Mass Communication from UNZA. So sad.

  3. They should take lessons from Maureen Nkandu, one of the greatest newsreaders we have had. She would pronounce foreign and local names so phonetically correct it was amazing. She once said she would rehearse pronouncing and spelling those “new” words (I stand corrected of course). Today’s generation just go blundering by both in written and spoken. It’s a shame.

  4. Kikikikiki that Press team only knows how to write unfounded libellous articles in the Zambia Watchdog. There’s nothing else they can do. They dont know a single thing about journalism or media so HH just rewarded them for having helped to insult Lungu during opposition.
    They truly have eroded public trust in the competence and reliability of the administration

  5. I don’t think any of them at state house have qualifications. They are appointed because of how loud they were at Lungu bashing

    • State House is a sensitive area. Everything must be done perfectly. Don’t you know a simple spelling can send countries to war eg instead of full you call a foreign head of state the other word. ?

    • You cant make such a silly mistake if you have a competent production team. It shows that people at State House arent doing their jobs. They are there only to feed on taxpayers’ money.

  6. The other time they put the flag upside down when HH was launching something under health with Sylvia masebo. Then Sylvia read the wrong speech and had to ask for the right one. Now misspelling on the official press release. This administration reminds me of keystone cops. A comedy of errors.

  7. Deja foool,nations cannot go war because of a missing” N”….”.An N was missing,so we are going to bomb you!!”…Very funny

    • That’s how shallow your party is. You take matters like you are in your grand mother’s kitchen. If you can’t spell a name like Hakainde, how are you expected to handle food security for twenty million Zambians?

  8. Deja Vu.What am trying so hard to tell you is that it is a one-off error,Very human.No need for all these workouts

    • What dejavu is telling you is that this is not a one off..there have been other rookie failures before this. Learn to listen. Anyway you f00Is will be booted out inn2026. Dejavu don’t advise them. Don’t help them.

  9. One-off error my foot! Do you know how many humans go through production-editing of Press Release copy before it is published? And they all couldn’t see this one off error? There’s the composer or writer of the original text, then his sub-editor, then his Editor, then his proof-reader, his Graphic artist, all of them couldnt see that their President’s name is misspelt? In tolerant Zambia its very human for all these people who get paid tax money to fail to do such a simple job? How many such incompetents have we put in the civil service? They are in their thousands and that means a thousands of errors. It costs us!

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